The Cutest Baby Shoes Ever For The Holidays!

Robeez Baby Shoes

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Are you looking for the most adorable gifts to give those little bundles of joy this holiday season? Well look no further than Robeez baby footwear. It’s the cutest baby shoes ever for the holidays! These baby shoes are different as they mimic a babies bare feet by flexing and bending with every step. They work by supporting and not constricting growing feet. They promote good balance and unrestricted growth, while protecting little feet from the world. They stay on too, with elasticized ankles to ensure a perfectly snug fit. Using high quality leather and materials, Robeez shoes are both comfortable and durable while their softer soles cushion feet and allow toes a better grip, helping balance, encouraging muscle growth and preventing slipping.

Robeez Baby Shoes-1

From crawling to cruising, walking to running, for indoors and out, Robeez makes shoes for newborns to two year-olds. You can have Robeez for some time, which is fabulous because they come in such adorable styles. The two that I thought would make incredible gift ideas were:

Robeez Baby Shoes Pow Bam

1. The Robeez Active Ace Soft Soles.

POW! BAM! Robeez Active Ace Soft Soles are for every super hero. These white leather baby shoes are printed with black comic book graphics and feature red leather starburst appliqués which have the words POW! and BAM! printed on them. Like all Robeez Soft Soles, these shoes feature a non-slip suede outsole, which protects your child from slipping, and an elasticized ankle band which will keep this shoe securely on your baby’s foot.

Robeez Baby Shoes Pow

How cute are these little superhero baby shoes?! I’m obsessed with them. The perfect gift for that geek chic mama who loves dressing up her super baby.

My second choice is…

2. The Robeez Cutie Dumbo Soft Soles!

Robeez Baby Shoes Disney Dumbo

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with these baby shoes. Dumbo is my families favorite Disney movie and when we have a new baby soon, it will join this Dumbo loving family with these amazing little shoes. Your child will soar wearing our Cutie Dumbo Soft Soles. These cream leather baby shoes feature Jumbo Jr. (Dumbo), the famous flying elephant, and his Mother, rendered in pale grey embroidery. Like all Robeez Soft Soles, this baby shoe features a non-slip suede outsole, which protects your child from slipping, and an elasticized ankle band which will keep this shoe securely on your baby’s foot.

Robeez Baby Shoes Dumbo

I love how Dumbo is being cradled by his mother on the shoe. It’s beyond the point of adorable. Any mama would be in love with these shoes if they opened them up Christmas morning. I know I am!

These are just two of the styles I think would be amazing gift ideas, you should definitely check out their website asap to see all the amazing styles they offer before they are sold out.

Robeez are also:

  • A Perfect shoes for Infants, Babies, Pre-Walkers and Toddlers.
  • Best for indoor use and light outdoor activity.
  • Easy on, stay on elasticized ankle design.
  • Have Flexible, non-slip suede soles.
  • And Are Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

They are the best shoes to gift babies with this holiday season. You can slip them into babies first stocking, as they make some adorable stocking stuffers as well!

Robeez Baby Shoes- Stocking

You only want to give those little angels the best right? Check out for more info on these fabulous baby gift ideas!

Thanks to Robeez for sending out holiday choices to be featured in this guide!

These are just some fun gift ideas we’ll be showcasing for babies the holidays as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide.


Stay tuned for more fun gift ideas as part of our Happy Holidays Gift Guide 2015!