The Fabulous Eats Of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto!

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Hey All!

On my recent trip to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto in Mexico I dined on some of the finest foods and meals imaginable. As soon as we arrived at the resort we were given lovely drinks of frozen strawberry lemonade and virgin margaritas.

We were also given some delicious margherita pizza to snack on for lunch along with…


Some of the best chips and guacamole I’ve ever had! It is Mexico, so I of course had to try the guac.


Through our the trip we were feasting on many fabulous dishes. We had breakfast in the presidential suite which consisted of  fresh fruit, fresh Mexican pastries, fresh squeezed orange and green juices…

IMG_3066 breads-conchas meal-4

A breakfast stake fajita and fruit salad! How lovely is that fruit salad?


All this is made from scratch right at the hotel using fresh ingredients. The Villa Del Palmar is pretty remote and not located near any major cities or shopping retailers who can provide goods to the hotel. This is what gives the hotel it’s beautiful oasis feeling. But with that remoteness comes the need to have to grow their own herbs on site as well as making things like ice cream, bread, butter, and tortillas from scratch. This is just listing a few things made at the resort. There are lots more to list which I think is great. The freshness of the ingredients and foods made in house made the meals taste all the more better!

For Dinner we dined at the Danzante Restaurant.


The home made butters and rolls were delish!


The Danzante Tortilla Soup was to die for. The Tortilla’s come shredded first and then the soup is poured over it like that seen below.


I then dined on an amazing steak dinner with potatoes that were shaped like adorable little mushrooms.


The also offered fresh Parrot Fish…


And we topped it off with this amazing flaming dessert…


And this Open Strudel filled with Sweet Pumpkin and Goat Cheese and this out of this world cherry and cheesecake ice cream.


I couldn’t get enough of the ice cream so they gave me this beautiful glass of ice cream with a plantain on the top. YUM!


To show us how our amazing food was made we took a little behind the scenes tour of the kitchens. I wore my hair net with style.


We saw their kitchens (which were huge and immaculately clean) and their water processing facility. They purify all of their own water at the resort. No having to worry about the water in this Mexican resort!


The chefs in the kitchens welcomed us with some amazing treats of course.

Through out the stay we also enjoyed an Italian themed dinner…

Caprese-Salad bruschetta

Some of their famous Chocolate Clams which are found in abundance around the resort. You can even go clamming if you’d like!


And we closed our final night with a Mexican fiesta with some amazing Mexican dishes.


I couldn’t of course leave with out having a Churro and some Donuts! Some of the best I’ve ever had!

For resort reservations or additional information, please contact the resort at reservaciones.vdpl(at)vgloreto(dot)com or call 800.790.4187. You can also visit

I’ve covered the food, the resort itself, and lastly I’ll touch on the activities. Stay tuned for my fabulous experiences with the fun filled activities offered at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.

I was solely provided an all expense paid trip to review this resort. All Opinions are my own.


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    All of these dishes look so tasty. I would love to dine there!

  • Reading your page makes me drool, great pictures and great stories! Two years ago we visited Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and totally loved it. We ate good food, went birdwatching, even saw a road runner. One day we took a day trip to Magdalena Bay and go to see and touch grey whale mommies with their baby. We enjoyed every moment of our visit and your page brings back good memories.

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