The Inspiration Behind Our New Reading Corner!

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Hey All!

Today I wanted to share with you a “because” moment I recently had because I was inspired by the book Because by Mo Willems. I love Mo Willems books and they inspire me every time I read them. Because I want my son to love books and Mo Willems just as much as I do, I decided to get my inner interior decorator working to create a reading corner for him in his nursery. It’s the best choice I could have made this year. It’s inspired me to read more and I can’t tell you how much my son enjoys our reading time together.

Our reading corner consists of a little chair for him to sit in and a bunch of rainbow shelves filled with our favorite Mo Willems books.

Our new favorite book to read together is Because by Mo Willems. It came out in stores on March 5th and is recommended for ages 3-5. I’m reading it to him now because reading and talking to a baby during this time is great for their development. It helps them learn how to talk and read at an early age as well.

In case you haven’t heard of Mo Willems, he is a number one New York Times best-selling author and illustrator. He has created so many amazing books for children and I read a number of his books to my little man.

This book talks about the value of persistence and throws in a little magic as a young girl embarks on a journey to take center stage. Amber Ren illustrates it and it is her stunning picture-book debut.

He may not know how to read it, but it’s truly magical to see him follow along as I read him the book. He turns the pages and tries to hold the book because he thinks he’s a big boy already. I personally think he’s super advanced, as I’ve never seen a 6 month old trying to read books before!

Yes he’s already sitting up in chairs at 6 months old! He loves to sit in his chair while I read his Mo Willems books to him. He loves the colorful images in the book and there was even an illustration in the book that looked like mommy aka me on my computer. He tried to grab it of course. Most of the time he sits up in his chair to listen to the book, and other times he just likes to sit in my lap in the corner.

To see him smile and have the best time reading is the reason I love this corner the most. It’s because of this book that we’re enjoying these moments and reading together.

It’s the smallest moments that have the biggest impact folks.

We read this book every week and it’s inspired me to read more as well. It’s nice to take some more moments to myself to do something as simple as reading a book. It’s also nice to be able to take in amazing special moments like this with my son.

I look forward to heading to our little reading corner each week and spending our time reading Because together. Because there is nothing better than reading to my son and getting to bring the joy of books into his life.

If you’re looking for an amazing book to read with your own children, I highly recommend you check out the book Because by Mo Willems! I’m sure your kids will love it just as much as we do!

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