The Jim Henson Company’s Pajanimals Flashlight For Halloween!

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Halloween is quickly on it’s way and you need some time to plan a fun and safe Halloween night. thankfully The Jim Henson Company’s Pajanimals are here to help!

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Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to address nighttime safety measures with children. Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, offers a number of tips for keeping kids safe on what could be a dangerous night of the year for children of all ages.

Here are just a few of the SKW safety tips for Halloween:

  • When selecting a costume, make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls.
  • Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colors. Since masks can sometimes obstruct a child’s vision, try non-toxic face paint and makeup whenever possible.
  • Have kids use glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers.
  • You can give your little goblins their very own Pajanimals Submarine Flashlight.

Pajanimals Submarine Flashlight

I was thankful to get one of the amazing flashlights for review and it is the perfect mix of fun and functional. It only costs about $12.99 and is available on and You will be sure to light up the night as your kids trick or treat. You can’t be too care these days so you want your kids to have reflective gear, a flashlight, and proper supervision when they are going out for Halloween. It’s great to have a fun flashlight like this in which the kids would actually want to carry around since it is so much fun.

The Pajanimals series follows the adventures of four cuddly musical puppets — Sweet Pea Sue, Squacky, Cowbella and Apollo. Their journeys celebrate imagination and tackle typical toddler issues such as the fear of the first day of school, making new friends and learning how to share. The Pajanimals end their day of play with a relaxing return to their cozy bedroom and familiar night time routines, including bathing, brushing teeth and story time, to develop a feeling of safety and structure.

After Halloween is over, the flashlight (featuring a glow-in-the-dark base) can be used to help give your child comfort when the clocks go back an hour and it nighttime comes earlier…just press the submarine periscope for lights and sounds. This fun flashlight features all of your child’s favorite Pajanimals characters. It’s for ages 12 months and up. It’s very well made and it feels like it will last you for many Halloweens to come! I love that it’s multifunctional and can grow with your child through out the year.

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Also check out this fun Pajanamals Halloween “spot the difference” and coloring activity sheet above. When you click the Image you ca download a PDF printable you can hand out to your children. Kids can use the Pajanimals activity sheet to spot the differences between the pictures of their Pajanimals friends. And if you are looking for costume ideas, you can use the activity sheet for Pajanimals costume ideas.

After Halloween, don’t forget that it is almost Daylight Savings time! On Sunday, November 3, you and your child can celebrate the end of Daylight Savings time with a special Pajanimals Pajama Party, including watching Pajanimals on Sprout (nightly at 8pm ET) and NBC Kids (Saturdays at 10:30am ET). Sprout will also be running special on-air promos for Pajanimals throughout the month of November, as well as on, in the Sprout newsletter, Facebook and on Shop Sprout. Visit Shop Sprout to browse the colorful Pajanimals toys, apparel and fun accessories.

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