The Jungle Book Diamond Edition & A Banana Mango Pineapple Paleta (Recipe)! #LoMasVital

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Hey all!

If you haven’t heard Disney’s The Jungle Book Diamond Edition is available for the first time ever on Blu-ray™ and Digital. The film is in glorious digital high definition! Disney’s Jumpin’ Jungle Classic has never looked so lush or sounded so good! The beloved characters, swinging music and new behind-the-scenes bonus features make this Diamond Edition Blu-ray a must-have for every family’s classic collection!

The Blu-Ray Also Includes The Following All NewBonus Features:             

  • Introductions by Diane Disney Miller and Richard M. Sherman
  • Alternate Ending – Mowgli and The Hunter
  • @DisneyAnimation: Sparking Creativity
  • Music, Memories & Mowgli: A Conversation with Richard M. Sherman, Diane
  • Disney Miller and Floyd Norman
  • Disney Intermission – Bear-E-Oke hosted by Baloo
  • Bear-E-Oke Sing A Long
  • I Wanna Be Like You – Hangin’ Out At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Explore your family’s wild side as you venture into The Jungle Book for extraordinary adventures and a heartwarming tale that celebrates the true meaning of friendship.

Jungle Book DVD Image

We had a movie night as a family to watch this as it had been some time since we’ve had a movie night together. What I love about this film is that it truly showcases the importance of the “Bare Necessities of Life” or “Lo Mas Vital”.  I feel Friendship, Family, Love, Adventure, Fun and Health are the Bare Necessities in life and to show case this I decided to make some fun Paletas aka ice pop for the occasion.

I used a version of MOWGLI’S MANGO GO PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE recipe that you can see and download by click the image below to make our Paleta pops.

jungle book recipes

This recipe is also delicious as a smoothie for yourself…


Or as a smoothie for your kids.


How cute is this little mini smoothie? You an put the smoothie in small ball jars or baby food jars for kid size smoothies that are easy to hold.


Instead of making the typical smoothie to drink as we watched the movie, I figured my family would enjoy it more as a Paleta. I figured why not put our Mickey Paleta makers to good use since we are watching the film.


To Make Our Recipe you combine a Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Dates, Coconut Milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla in a blender.


You make sure it’s blended well on high and you then pour the smoothie mixture it into your mold.


You put the mold in the freezer for at least 2 hours. If the handle or popsicle stick for your mold is not sticking to the Paleta, pour some water onto the Paleta and into the hole where the popsicle stick or mold stick goes. In my case it’s where the Mickey head stick made the hole.

After you pour some water put it back into the freezer for another hour. You have to make sure it’s frozen well.


Once it’s completely frozen and the sticks are secure and frozen to the Paleta you run the mold under some hot water for a few seconds for it to loosen. The Paleta will naturally release from the mold.


Your kids will love eating these when the watch the jungle book.


I know we enjoyed these Paleta’s as we watched. They were truly a Bare Necessity!

To me the most important things in life are spending time with the family doing things you love and having fun! After we saw The Jungle Book Diamond Edition Blu-ray™ and ate our Paleta’s we of course had to get outside the next day to enjoy the jungle gym. It’s only right to let the kids live out their imaginations after seeing a fun film like this.

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I hope you enjoy these Paleta’s and this film as much as we do!