Closed-The Neato XV-21 Is A Dream Robotic Vacuum! #HolidayGiftGuide Feature & #Giveaway!

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When I first caught a glimpse of the Neato XV-21 at the BlogHer 12 convention this year I knew it would make the life saving gift for busy moms, pet owners, or for anyone with a carpet this Holiday season! I couldn’t wait to showcase it in this years Holiday Gift Guide! I have never owned an automatic vacuum and have always wanted one to save time and the strain of having to lug a vacuum around. I have to say I am in LOVE with my Neato! It’s truly the most amazing little robot ever!

Neato never misses a spot. Before it makes a move, it surveys and maps everything in a room, including furniture, objects and doorways. Once a room has been mapped, the Neato robot goes to work, cleaning in a pattern of straight, overlapping lines. As it moves, the sensor continues to scan, enabling the robot to avoid obstacles such as furniture, walls, stairs or pets.

If you’re like me and you have one or two of these furry guys and kids at home then you know how difficult it can be to maintain a rug and keep the house clean after them! The Neato vacuums on not only rug but on regular flooring as well. When it senses something it needs to pick up it spends time in that spot doing a little rock motion back and forth until it gets it. It really picks up dirt so quickly. It never spends more than a few seconds on each spot! It’s so cute to watch!

How amazing is it to see it in action? I love the way it maneuvers around furniture and really senses if there is any dirt it needs to pick up.

The suction on this little vacuum is honestly amazing. It really is the best vacuum I’ve ever had. The Neato is so easy to use and it’s also so easy to maintain and clean. The Neato Dust Bin is a little bagless chamber that pops right up on the top of the machine. It picks up a lot of dirt in a short amount of time and all you have to do is just dump it out and then pop it back in and it’s ready to clean again! I do like to clean the filter a little since I want to make sure the suction stays good on the machine. This is a very pricey machine to not take care of. I personally love this machine and want to take the best care of it.

The Neato has a great compact charging Station that recharges the Neato when it’s not being used. It’s really compact and none of it takes a lot of space. It cleans our entire apartment on one charge with no problem and then docks itself to recharge. It’s so cool to see! And if it’s running low on battery while it’s cleaning, it will stop, go dock itself, and when it’s charged up it will go back to the spot where it left off and keep cleaning. It’s so amazing to see and it’s so crazy to think how far technology has come!

The Neato is very well made and the tires are really tough which allow it to have great traction on the rug as it cleans. This is a small but mighty vacuum. It really does a fabulous job when it vacuums!

To get more technical on how this vacuum works The Neato uses an infrared light to scan the room instead of bumping into things.

Most other robot vacuums move around a room at random. They bump into walls, bump into furniture. They go in circles, cleaning some spots several times and others not at all. But Neato knows exactly where it’s going at all times.

I love that it has this capability as I know I can set it to clean and walk away and not have to worry about it. I can focus on the things I need to get done and not spend that time monitoring it. And if anything were to be jammed in the Neato it would let me know by beeping until the blockage is cleared.


I can go on and on about how much I love the Neato since it truly is a remarkable piece of technology and the most amazing little vacuum. I’m sure anyone who gets the amazing Neato XV-21 as gift this Holiday season will be thrilled beyond belief with it. I truly believe it is the best automatic robotic vacuum on the market! You can check out this amazing Video below about the Neato as well!




The Neato can be bought at major retailers like Best Buy or you can buy it online for $429.99 with free shipping! I know it seems like a lot of money, but it’s worth every penny I can assure you!

And what’s even better is Neato is giving one of my amazing readers their own Neato XV-21 For the Holidays!

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