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As Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day quickly approaches I wanted to bring you a great and unique gift for Valentine’s Day from The Orphaned Earring. The Orphaned Earring is embarking in yet a new adventure of love by helping communities in Latin America who need it the most, because love is not only about loving your partner, it’s about helping others.

The Orphaned Earring is a charity that collects orphaned earrings and unwanted fashion jewelry to make bracelets which are then sold at only $7 each.


One-hundred percent of the funds are used to bring monthly arts & crafts as well as other festivities to children in four different orphanages in: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Colombia; allowing these precious children to artistically express themselves, let their imagination run wild and just be kids.

This is the adorable candy jar…


And Bracelet I received to support this amazing cause. The bracelet is so pretty and I’m proud to wear it to show my support for this amazing cause.


As they were helping  these orphanages they found there are urgent needs in the surrounding communities. For that reason they’ve created the “For the Love of Life” campaign focusing on providing aid to families that are in desperate need of help. #4LoveForLife

“For the Love of Life” will benefit an indigenous community near the Guatemalan orphanage. Since the forcible eviction of 13 indigenous communities in 2011, many families are desperately looking for shelter, food and jobs at the local coffee farms. If they are lucky, the men get hired but only for the short period of three months, after the three months they must leave with their families and a new wave of people get hired.

Their daily payment is a ration of beans and tortillas but this ration is shared with his ENTIRE family and obviously this is NOT enough. The families are allowed to stay at the finca for the 3 months where they build shacks as homes, sleep on dirt floors, have no running water and build stone fire pits for heat.
We discovered that the children living in these conditions are the most affected and suffering of malnutrition and ultimately dying of starvation. You see, when the families have to divide the food, a bigger portion goes to the father who needs the energy to work the land, the mother eats second largest portion since most of the time she is breastfeeding and needs to give nutrients to her babies. This means that the rest of their children end up with little to no food, suffering of malnutrition and ultimately dying of starvation.

Today,  “Guatemala is the only country in Central America labeled “serious.” Other countries in the region are categorized as only being ‘low’ or ‘moderate’ regarding hunger.”

The Orphaned Earring is committing to bringing oatmeal to each new wave of families that come through the coffee farms. Depending on how much money they can raise every three months they would also like to provide powdered milk and sugar. But for the moment, they will focus on providing oatmeal and do it just FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE!

Please consider Buying a The Orphaned Earrings Bracelet for Valentine that can be ordered through their blog.


I’ve also partnered with the The Orphaned Earring’s to bring you a “For the Love of Life” giveaway to raise awareness of the situation in Guatemala.

Enter to Win An The Orphaned Earring Prize Pack that includes:

  • One The Orphaned Earring decorated mason jar that may be used to collect orphaned jewelry
  • One bag of Ghirardelli chocolate
  • Two unique handmade bracelets
  • Two pillow box to gift or store bracelets

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***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received a bracelet and I’m trying to show my support for this cause. I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***