The Perfect Summer Treats For Me & The Family!

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Hey All!

As most of you know by now, I practically live at Target. I go there at least once or twice a week. I always go there for one thing and come out with a few different things I had no plans on buying. They just have too many cute things that I can’t resist. Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself with a trip to Target, where you can pick up all of your favorite things. This week I treated myself to some new sun glasses, pens, nail polishes, a new nail file, and this fabulous new bag. Who doesn’t need a fabulous bright colored new bag for the summer?! I do! I have been dying for the perfect green colored bag and I found it on this trip to Target. It was on sale and I couldn’t resist! I usually get myself something and something for the family on my weekly trips to Target. I figure one for me, one for them! Everyone is happy and no one complains about my Target shopping addiction. Besides the awesome accessories and beauty treats haul you see above, I also got a Target Tasty Treat Haul for the family! Target has an in-store offer going on now until 9/5/15 where if you Buy 3 Unilever ice cream novelties, you Get 1 Free! Who could resist buying some tasty ice cream treats when you get one free?! With the warm summer days still coming, the family needs some cold treats to cool down with.


I filled our freezer with the following:

  1. 2 Boxes of Popsicle (orange, cherry and grape)
  2. 2 Boxes of Klondike Original
  3. 1 Box of Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake
  4. 2 Boxes of Fruttare Strawberry
  5. 1 Box of Magnum Double Caramel

I made two trips to take advantage of this offer. I even made a little collage of my Target Ice Cream Haul Below!


Buying Unilever ice creams, like Klondike bars and Magnum ice cream, not only will you be treating yourself to something extra, you’ll be bringing home something the whole family can enjoy.


Popsicle and Klondike Original Sandwiches are the top two favorite summer treats for me and the family.  They were perfect to pick up as an extra treat during a trip to Target. God knows, I could pick up a lot of fabulous things at Target! It’s great when I can bring home something that makes me and my family happy.


Who wouldn’t be excited to have a surprise of bags of tasty frozen and ice cream treats?! I know the sight of these babies makes the family ecstatic.


I think we have enough Klondike Sandwiches, Ice Cream Bars, and Popsicle treats to last us the rest of the summer.


It’s all about moderation people! As much as we’d love to eat a whole box of Popsicles, it’s great to enjoy a nice cold treat a day or every other day.


When you’re out and about on your next Target shopping adventure, be sure to pick up a little something for yourself and some amazing frozen treats for the family. Take advantage of their awesome Unilever Ice Cream Novelty in-store offer where you Buy 3, You Get 1 Free until 9/5/15. Offer not available in Nevada, Louisiana, and Colorado.

I hope you score lots of amazing goodies at Target for you and the family! It’s Target…Of Course You will!