The Reading Rainbow App is Amazing! #Review

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Did you grow up watchingReading Rainbowlike I did? I loved that show growing up and not because I loved singing the theme song! I can do anythinggggg..ways to grow…a reading rainbow…

Sorry I love singing that song! It brings back so many happy memories and I loved LeVar Burton! I’m super excited that they made an app for this amazing learning program! Reading Rainbow is now a reading adventure app designed for children ages 3 to 9, igniting imaginations through the love of reading, exploration and interactive play.

Like the show it’s hosted by LeVar Burton and the app offers a trusted library of books with recommendations customized to a child’s age, interests and reading habits. Children travel to themed islands to discover books, watch new Reading Rainbow videos, enjoy activities and earn rewards for reading. LeVar Burton and the Reading Rainbow app connect the stories children love to the world they live in.

The Reading Rainbow app is FREE for download HERE for the iPad. A subscription service is available, offering convenient, unlimited access to an extensive library of quality books, videos, activities and more at a price parents can appreciate.

This app has an amazing variety of both fiction and non fiction children’s books with amazing narration. It also has lots of the video clips and reminds me of watching the T.V. show. It’s an amazing app that will get kids reading and learning how much fun reading can be!


  • Hundreds of Curated Books – Find a library of fiction and non-fiction books chosen by LeVar Burton and literacy experts. Selected from a variety of acclaimed children’s publishers, the library includes countless award-winning books. Audio storytelling by celebrity actors and interactive illustrations bring the storybook alive while always maintaining the integrity of the original book. New releases are introduced frequently, expanding the library.
  • Recommendations & Customization – Children select books based on their interests and age so they find just the right book for them. The app also includes a backpack to hold a child’s’ favorite stories and a customizable virtual I.D. for which a photo can be uploaded.
  • Celebrity Host – Similar to his role in the PBS TV series, LeVar Burton continues to ask children to “take a look, it’s in a book”. He is featured throughout the app introducing themes and stories, giving children a personal connection to the books they read.
  • Islands of Discovery – Travel to any of the themed islands such as Action Adventures & Magical Tales; My Friends, My Family; Animal Kingdom; and Genius Academy to select books, videos, and more.
  • Video Field Trips – Journey with LeVar Burton to visit fascinating people and places. Children are transported on exciting real-life adventures relating the stories they read to the world they live in. Exclusive new videos are introduced frequently.
  • Activities – Interact with the stories and solve puzzles within each digitally enhanced book.
  • Reward System – Earn stickers each time a book is completed to further foster the love of reading. Children use the stickers to create pictures on themed island backgrounds unlocked each month.
  • Parent Dashboard – Review real-time information regarding what your child is reading and receive personalized tips and “parent prompts” to share in the themes and lessons explored in each book.



What are the BENEFITS?

  • An iconic, beloved, trusted brand – Respected by millions, Reading Rainbow was a childhood staple for today’s parents who now want to share the experience with their children. Reading Rainbow provides content parents can trust to entertain, educate and engage their children.
  • A personalized experience – Children find just the right book for them because the app recommends specific stories to fit their age, interests and reading level.
  • Focused on literacy – Each storybook is lightly enhanced to engage digitally-savvy children while maintaining the focus on the experience of reading, keeping a book a book.
  • Convenient and economical – The app’s single-step subscription service allows parents to unlock the extensive, trusted Reading Rainbow library without the expense and worry of approving and purchasing each book.
  • It’s Safe – An experience designed just for kids, with no advertising.
  • Value – For less cost than a few storybook apps, children have the opportunity to access an unlimited library.

I highly recommend this app! For more information on the Reading Rainbow App, visit

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received this app review and and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***