The Reasons I’m Choosing To Get Healthier!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Heart Association. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing to live a healthier life so that I can live a longer life. We’re trying to have another baby and my main goal for this year is to be healthy and ready for a new baby. It’s my new goal in life to expand our family. That’s why I’m joining the American Heart Association (AHA) in their movement to make make healthy living a priority for myself and my family. They are also encouraging moms in particular to make the change, because the more moms that make healthy living a priority, the bigger the impact can be. Moms united can make real change!

I have tons of cute baby clothes waiting for this baby and this year is my year to make it happen! I will have a new bundle of joy to dress in cute shoes this year!

Robeez Baby Shoes Pow

There are so many simple ways to keep your heart and brain healthy. You just have to begin eating more fruits and vegetables and increase your physical activity. I’ve begun to cut out sugar as much as I can and I’m heading back to the gym. It’s really ridiculous that I pay monthly for a gym, that I do not go to! Yes, I admit it! The AHA is a great resource for living a healthier life. They also have a great Moms Unite Facebook Group that moms can join to encourage one another and share tips for leading a healthy life.

The American Heart Association exists because they want people to experience more of life’s precious moments. But to do that, we must focus on being healthy in heart and mind. The heart is where life’s moments are felt most, and the mind is where we relive them again and again. They want those moments to be the motivation for living a healthier life. LIFE being the reason you make healthier choices everyday, your motivation for being healthy in heart and mind.

Life Is Why I’m living a healthier lifestyle. I should say LIFE and my FUTURE honestly. I’ve set my mind to make this change and I’m taking small steps, like eating more fruits and veggies. Check out this delish avocado toast below! Healthy foods can be delicious folks!

Avocado Toast

I’ve also decreased how much sodium aka salt I eat! I hack my snacks and popcorn now and use olive oil and rosemary in my popcorn instead of salt. It’s healthier for my heart and body in general!

Olive Oil & Rosemary Popcorn Hack

I don’t drink a lot of sugary sweetened beverages, like soda, so that wasn’t a big issue for me. But sweets like donuts, cookies, and baked goods are. I’m cutting back on all of those and eating them once a week as a treat to myself. I realized I just can’t go cold turkey in an instant.

I’m also increasing my physical activity! Like I mentioned before, I’m now going to go to that gym I pay monthly for and I’m also just getting myself out of the house and away from the computer. It’s better to be out and enjoying fun museums and art like you see below, than staying home all day in front of a computer screen. There is so much to see in the world and it’s time to get out and start experiencing it. I’m making it a point to begin living life unplugged. Just walking around town can burn some calories.

Broad Musuem

I want to be around to see my grand kids or even great grand kids. I want to be healthy to have another baby and I just want to finally be good to my body. We only have one body for the rest of our lives and how we treat it will impact our future. As I get older, I realize just how much I need to take care of my body. These are all the reasons I want to live a healthier, longer life. My future and the future of my family depend on it!


Everyone has a reason to live a healthier, longer life. What’s yours?

Join the movement and create an image for yourself using the photo editor from to express your “why”!  Also be sure to check out their Pinterest account for more fun ideas on how to join the movement!

I hope making this choice to live a healthier, longer life will benefit your life in an amazing way!  



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