The Spongebob Toyota Sienna At The LA Auto Show!


Hey All!

I recently had the awesome experience of attending the LA Auto Show thanks to Toyota. As you all know I drive a Toyota and I come from a family who all drive Toyota cars. It’s like a family tradition at the point. Since we’re thinking of expanding the family in 2015 (God Willing), we wanted to check out all the amazing new cars Toyota had to offer.


They of course had all their amazing and reliable vehicles on display like the Camry, Prius, and Sienna.


They even had a Sienna Spongebob. Like how awesome is this car? It’s amazing.


Should we get a Sienna Spongebob as our next car? The kids would love it right. Can you imagine driving that around town? It would be nutty!


It was very cool to see none the less.


Toyota has some amazing vehicles on display through out their section at the auto show.


Toyota really knows the way to my heart when they put a pink unicorn on the roof of the car.


I of course was gawking over my Prius V. In case you didn’t know it was named after me. I’m kidding, but I really want this car!


We’re going to be testing out a Prius V for my birthday. It’s my way to seal the deal in getting a Prius V for our next car with the Hubby.

Stay tuned for my adventures in the Prius V!

Gosh I love my Toyota cars!


I was solely given a ticket to attend the auto show. All opinions are my own.