This Years Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs!


Hey All!

Every year Mr.Pink struts his stuff in a variety of costumes thanks to the lovely folks at PetSmart! Each year they come out with new awesome costumes for dogs and I’m always excited to see what each year will have in store. This year we were lucky enough to get a whole bag of fabulous costumes for Mr. Pink and he can’t wait to show them off the entire week of Halloween.


We were sent the Disney® Kermit Ride Along Costume. As you all know I love The Muppets. I had a Muppet themed wedding for crying out loud. Of course I was thrilled for this adorable Kermit Ride Along Costume. It just straps on to the dog with Velcro and you’re ready to go!


He looks like he’s just giving Kermit a ride! This Halloween let Kermit keep your furry friend company. Leave the swamp and head for Hollywood, letting Kermit lead the way in the Disney PetHalloween Kermit Ride Along Costume. Costume is detailed with Kermit riding on a fancy saddle with, “Kermit the Frog” embroidered at the side!


I’m sure you all know I’m obsessed with Shark Week and Sharknado so I was thrilled to get the Top Paw® Shark Costume! I really want to strap something that looks like a tornado to him and turn him into a little Mr. Pink Sharnado. How awesome would that be?


His bite will definitely be bigger than his bark when you dress him in the fierce Top Paw PetHalloween Shark Costume. Scare all the trick-or-treaters with his felt, jagged teeth. Leash collar and ear openings, for comfort and safety. This costume is only at PetSmart.


It very well made and would even work if the weather isn’t so good when you’re out and about on Halloween.


Since I’m a huge foodie I’m in love with this Top Paw® Hamburger Costume we were also sent. We’re debating on whether I should be a donut or pineapple and the hubby and family be a chef and other foods this Halloween and this would be the perfect costumes for Mr. Pink to fit right in with his Halloween foodie family.


The Top Paw PetHalloween Hamburger Costume is a unique costume. He’s sure to be noticed with the classic ingredients for a good ole American burger. Costume is detailed with tasty cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and a burger on a sesame seed bun. Velcro strap secures the meal on your pup’s back. This too is only available at PetSmart. Again PetSmart is the place to shop for Halloween for your pets! They truly have the best costumes!


And last but not least is Mr. Pink’s personal favorite!


The Top Paw® Cowboy Rider Costume is a big hit with Mr. Pink! He loves to wear it and I think  he feels more like the trusty steed of his cowboy than a bull that he’s riding. It’s adorable to see him with it on and the cowboy waving his hat as he runs. It’s also a rider costume that just Velcro’s on easily.


Let him experience the Wild West this Halloween in the Top Paw PetHalloween Cowboy Rider costume. The costume is loaded with fun features like faux horns and a cowboy holding a hat and rope. Unleash his wild side this season – only at PetSmart.


High Ho Pinkles away!

Those are just some of the amazing costumes you can find at Pet Smart for your dogs and pets. If you’re seeking a costume for your dog this Halloween I highly recommend you check out PetSmart!

They truly have the most creative costumes for dogs of all sizes and cats too!



I was solely given these products for review. All Opinions are my own.