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I was given the opportunity to attend a press conference with the stars of Iron Man 3. No compensation was received for this post.


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I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a media press conference with the Cast and Film Makers of Iron Man 3. It was a momentous occasion for me as I would be in the same room as Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr. for the very first time.

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to hear about their thoughts of the making of Iron Man 3 and what we can expect from this film in relation to the other films.


I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t nerve wracking as I am a huge comic book geek and this was my opportunity to ask some questions I’m sure you’ve wanted to know as well.

In attendance at this press conference were Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sir Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Shane Black (The Director), and Drew Pearce (The Writer).


We chatted with them for about an hour and talked about the transformations of their characters through out the successful Marvel Franchise.

Gweneth Paltrow was one of the most vocal about her love for her character Pepper Potts and how she feels “Really lucky that I got to play Pepper.”



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I loved that she spoke about the transformation of her character through out the 3 films.

“I think one of the things that I loved the most is that she really steps into her power in all areas.  And you do see her as a very intelligent articulate CEO.  You see her now in an equal relationship with Tony where she wants her needs met as well while still remaining a very supportive woman in his life.  And then, of course, she turns into a super hero or sort of. “


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It was a very playful cast that obviously enjoys each other’s company and enjoyed making this film. The overall sentiment was they can’t wait for their fans to see this film. This is a film made for the fans. They wanted to do their best with this 3rd movie and they did feel the challenge to do something different according to Robert Downey Jr.

“I think the big challenge this time was, you know, these movies are only ever as good as their bad guys.  And in addition to what we wanted to have happen with Pepper in the arc that she got that was kind of overdue, was I really wanted it to feel like Tony and Rhodey last time decided that he was an island, and there was this kind of power of their partnership and that expanded in the Avengers.”

Don Cheadle mentioned he prefers acting in the suit as War Machine/The Iron Patriot (But the suit was extremely heavy for him) and he also mentioned he’d love to be in Avengers 2! Sir Ben Kingsley mentioned he loved the take on the infamous character The Mandarin in which he plays. Guy Pearce also revealed how passionate he was about playing his roll well in this film, while Shane Black (The Director) spoke about how this wasn’t his first kid geared movie. He also wrote a film I happen to really love called Monsters Squad. He stated he took what he learned from making that film and with the guidance of Jon Favreau he was able to capture a unique story for this Iron Man film.

It was a pleasure to see and hear how these stars were so passionate about the making of this film! I’ve seen it and it truly is a film that showcases the hard work these amazing individuals put into bringing this film to the big screen.

Iron Man 3 is out in Theaters every where now! I highly recommend you run out and see it as you won’t want to miss it on the big screen!

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