Thoughts on Island of Lemurs Madagascar!

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Hey All!

I recently had the opportunity to view the Imax 3-D documentary “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” thanks to Warner Brother’s Pictures. The film comes to life through Director: David Douglas, Writer: Drew Fellman, Producer: Drew Fellman, and Morgan Freeman fantastic narration.

This film showcases Lemurs, primates that have been around since dinosaur times. That’s more than 60 million years! They traveled from Africa to Madagascar when the world was changing in prehistoric times. They were flourishing on the island until humans arrived. Due to forest fires set by humans, 90% of the forest the Lemurs occupy has been torched since humans set foot on the island.

The film highlights how the Lemurs can be saved and how a few endangered species are being saved by Patricia C. Wright, an anthropology professor and head of a National Park and conservation of Lemurs in Madagascar. She’s fighting for the lives of the Lemurs and is encouraging the inhabitants of Madagascar to do the same by teaching them about the Lemurs. It was such an eye opening film into the lives of these beautiful creatures. It’s truly sad humans are constantly the source of so many creatures becoming extinct.

The film is beautifully shot and gives you an up close look at the Lemurs and their habitat. It’s truly spectacular to see it in Imax 3-D. It can almost feel like your in the forest with the Lemurs when you’re watching.

I got the opportunity to touch a Lemur, but that’s another story…


Check out the trailer of the film below.

I highly recommend you check out this amazing film with your friends and family. It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about conservation and nature and it gives you the opportunity to support these amazing animals that very much need the worlds support!

It’s 40 minutes long and Exclusively in IMAX and IMAX 3D Theaters now!