Thoughts On Our #DarkforDinner Experience!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dixie. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dixie-Plates-Going-Dark-1 Hey All!

I’m sure you remember that we took a pledge to join Dixie as they launched their movement called #DarkForDinner. The movement encourages families to be more present in the moments that matter most and spend more meaningful time together, especially during dinner. In order to really appreciate the company of your family during dinner, the #DarkForDinner movement asks those participating to turn off all cell phones, televisions, computers or other electronic devices to ensure the time together is distraction free. Well we did it yesterday June 14th and I have to say it was such a delight to get to spend one hour free from any distractions. It truly did allow me and my family to reconnect and just simply enjoy each others company.

I even ordered our favorite pizza dinner and sides so I could have more time with the family over dinner instead of slaving away in the kitchen and being exhausted by the time I was done and ready to eat. I figured it was a special night we we joining in on so why not make it a special meal as well.

We made sure to leave our phones and anything that could possibly distract us powered off in the living room while we ate dinner in the dinning room.

I did set up a camera to capture some of the moment to share the experience with you, but that was about as closing to using technology as I came.

As we munched on our cheesy bread, garlic bread bites, and pizza we chatted about our week that had just passed. We also reminisced about how we used to sit together as a family all the time back in NYC. It wasn’t until we moved to California and got so busy with work and school that we stopped taking the time to unplug for dinner.

We laughed and really took the time to reconnect with each other. It’s sad to not know what’s really going on with your own family during week since you don’t take the time to reconnect or take the time to sit down and really talk to each other. I forgot how funny we could all be together and how much we could all laugh together. Taking this #DarkForDinner pledge truly reminded me of how much I missed that laughter.

It actually reminded us own. I highly recommend you go #DarkForDinner for your next Sunday dinner as you may be reminded of how much your missing by not taking the time to disconnect from technology and reconnecting with family.

The #DarkForDinner Movement will continue for six Sundays, so it is not too late to join the movement. It was a great experience for me and my family and we’ll be having all our dinners in this way from now on.

I’m sure you will enjoy reconnecting with your family as much as we did if you join the #DarkForDinner Movement too!

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