Tie Dye Chocolate Easter Smash Egg!

Looking for a fun alternative to the Easter Basket? Check out this fun pink Tie Dye Chocolate Easter Smash Egg!

Overhead Photo of Easter Smash Egg

Hey All!

Happy almost Easter! Using some Fancy Sprinkles Easy Candy, I made myself a giant pink tie-dye Easter Smash Egg! These surprise smash chocolates are all the rage these days and I decided to try to make one myself! It was super easy to make with the Fancy Sprinkles Easy candy.

I know my family is going to have so much fun with this on Easter! It’s literally an edible piñata and I’m obsessed!

Side Photo of Photo of Easter Smash Egg

Here is how I made it:

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Close Up Photo of Easter Smash Egg

First you melt your easy candy chocolate bags in the microwave. It says on the bags to heat them up in 20 second intervals. You heat and crush down the chocolate with your hands every 20 seconds for 60 seconds total.

 Photo of Hammer with Easter Smash Egg

You then drizzle each color of the melted chocolate into a large egg mold and then swirl them around in the egg to create the tie dye effect.

Let the chocolate harden in the fridge and then take the egg out of the mold. It hardens super fast. I then filled the egg with all my easter treats and candies.

I then took a hot spoon and melted the edges of the egg and placed my egg plate onto the melted chocolate edges and flipped the plate over, so the egg sticks to the plate.

 Photo of Hammer with Easter Smash Egg

I then added some marshmallows and sprinkles on the egg and around it. I also added the little mallet to smash the egg with. I got my little hammer with a previous smash egg I had ordered and saved it. I’m sure you can get it on Amazon or use a regular hammer if you have to! lol.

 Photo of Broken Easter Smash Egg

You smash it open and pull out all the treats! I’ve seen people put everything inside these things! They are so fun for kids!

 Photo of Easter Smash Egg Inside

I’m not going to lie, I love them too! I hope you do too! It’s super simple to make and such a fun activity for the whole family!

 Photo of Easter Smash Egg

You can even make some and drop them off at friends and families and do a little zoom party of everyone breaking their eggs and finding a surprise inside. How fun would that be? Love it!

I hope you love this fun Easter treat idea as much as I do!

Hope you have a Happy and Safe Easter everyone!

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Chocolate Easter Smash Egg Pin

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