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Did you know one American dies of melanoma almost every hour, and the number of cases is increasing in the Latino community. However, many people are still ignoring the serious repercussions of exposing their skin to UVA and UVB radiation without protection by going to tanning salons, sun bathing and not using sunscreen when out for long periods of time. It’s also been noted that compared to Caucasian women, fewer Hispanic women believe it’s important to wear sunscreen daily and are under the impression that darker skin is at low risk for melanoma.

I was super excited to be chosen to share with you Neutrogena’s Choose Skin Health campaign as you all know I live in sunny California and keeping my skin and my families skin safe from those harmful UV rays is something that is very important to me. I feel it should be something that people should care about! Forget the tanning bed and laying out in the sun! Take care of your skin. I have moles that I constantly have to watch like this one below. So I always try to make sure I take care of my skin.

With The Summer Sunny Months Upon Us, Here Are Some Of The Tips I Use To Keep Me And My Fair Skinned Latino/Italian Family Safe:


  1. Find the perfect sunblock for your skin. I know my skin is sensitive so I don’t want to use just any old sunscreen. We all have different skin types and you need to find the right sunscreen for your skin so you won’t dread putting it on every day. You should be comfortable wearing your sunscreen.
  2. Get into the habit of putting on sunscreen every day! And make sure you’re putting enough on.  Make sure you cover all the exposed areas of your body! Don’t leave any part of your body behind! Make sure you’re covered from head to toe.
  3. Don’t forget your Children and babies! You should actually put sunscreen on your children first before you put on your own. Especially babies. Their skins are more sensitive and you should put a higher SPF sunscreen on kids than you should put on yourself.
  4. Stick with a brand of sunscreen you trust. If you find a brand like Neutrogena then you need to stick with it! Don’t put your health at risk by trying to save a buck on a brand you don’t trust that might be cheaper.
  5. Try to stay out of the Sun! The sun is strongest between the early afternoon times until about 3pm, so if you can avoid being out in the sun during those times do it!
  6. Don’t be deceived by the Clouds! UV Rays are still harmful and still present on cloudy days. Just because it looks like it’s not sunny outside it doesn’t mean you’re safe and don’t need to apply sunscreen.
  8. And last but not least, Put it On More Than Once! Sunscreen doesn’t last the entire day so don’t think you’re all good to go if you put it on once during the day! If you go swimming and towel-dry or sweat at all during the day it wipes it off and you will be exposed if you don’t reapply. Make sure you reapply your sunscreen at least 3 times during the time your out in the sun even if it says it’s waterproof.

If you need to find more info on skin safety or free skin cancer screening, Neutrogena’s Choose Skin Health™ campaign provides the public with the opportunity to get a free skin cancer screening with a dermatologist in their town.

Quick Facts:

  • People who tan indoors just four times a year increase their risk of developing melanoma by 11 percent.
  • The incidence of melanoma among Latinos has increased at an annual rate of 2.9% in the past 15 years, which is about the same amount as the annual increase among Caucasians.
  • Compared to Caucasian women, fewer Hispanic women always/often wear sunscreen or believe it is important to wear sunscreen daily. “Darker-skinned individuals perceive themselves as having low or no risk for melanoma”, states Dr. Rendón.
  • Neutrogena’s Brand Ambassador, Mexican actress and singer Sandra Echeverría, is also supporting the Choose Skin Health™ campaign, encouraging the Hispanic community to protect their skin and wear sunscreen every day.

Launched in 2009, the Choose Skin Health™ campaign’s mission is to help fight the skin cancer epidemic, educating and empowering the public to follow healthy sun-safe behaviors and take proper precautions against sun damage, such as signing up for a free skin cancer screening, visiting The initiative was made possible through a partnership between Neutrogena® and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), in their commitment with educating the community on sun-related issues.

Make sure you sign up for a FREE skin cancer screening by visiting Choose Skin Health!

Also follow the Neutrogena’s Choose Skin Health™ campaign on the Choose Skin Health Facebook Page for more great tips to keep your skin safe this summer!

Also follow the hashtag #ChooseSkinHealth for a Summer Fun Tips for Healthy Skin Twitter Party, Wednesday June 13th at 6pm PST.


***Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. All Opinions are my own!***



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