Tips To Prevent Colds & Flu This Holiday Season!

Hey All!

The holiday season has arrived and with that also comes the arrival of cold and flu season. I have a love and hate relationship with this time of year. On the one hand I love the holidays and all the fun I have decorating and spending time with my family in friends. It’s the time of year where I get to see people I haven’t seen in some time. On the other hand I hate that it can also be the time of year when I’m the most sick. Having all that company over can potentially bring a lot of germs with it. That’s why I have to prepare myself for the moment that a virus may take hold of my family members and me. Today I’m going to share some tips on how I’m going to prevent the cold and flu germs from invading our home this holiday season thanks to Sinex at Walmart!

First and foremost I make sure my medicine cabinet is pre-stocked with the essentials. One of my essentials is Sinex! Sinex products provide long-lasting relief from stuffiness and congestion. And, daytime products provide relief without grogginess! I love using Sinex because my nose is always the first thing to go on me when I’m sick. Being congested is the worst and Sinex helps me to decongest when I take it!

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I don’t know about you, but stocking up on the products I will be using a lot while sick is a must have for me. I don’t want to have to run to a store while sick to pick them up. I want to stay in bed and recover. Knowing I am well supplied in my medicine cabinet should the time come is a stress reliever.

I can spend more time wrapping presents and decorating for our family holiday gathering and not worry about if we’re prepared for a sick day.

Next I like to make sure I wash my hands every time I come home from after being outside. I wash my hands the second I come through the door. It’s one tip I suggest you start doing immediately. You want to do everything you possibly can to prevent germs from coming into your home. One way they come in the most is through your hands and what they touch when you’re outside. I also keep hand sanitizer in my purse and around the house for a quick clean of the hands. Company can also use these when they are over to quickly clean their hands.

Another tip I would suggest is making sure you eat immune boosting foods and stock up on any soups or foods you like to eat while sick. I stock up on my favorite chicken noodle soup.

Lastly, should I get sick I make sure to designate a contaminated zone in our home. It’s essentially a room in the house that you make sure the person who is sick stays in. This can help prevent the whole house from getting sick. If I get sick, I don’t want my husband to get sick because someone has to take care of the baby. We have a baby to worry about now and we can’t risk him getting sick either since it can be very harmful to him. Making sure the sick person stays in their own confined space to recover is the best tip I can give you! Don’t let a sick person spread their germs all over the house!


Those are my few major tips to preventing colds & flu this holiday season! I hope they help you as you prepare yourself for this time of year as well!

You need to prepare as cold and flu symptoms can last for weeks now-a-days, so it’s important to stock up on your sickness essentials—like Sinex at Walmart—now!

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