Tolly Tots Event NYC! #Toys #Event

Hey All!

Here is another great event covered by my friend Amiyrah of for me! Here are her thoughts!

It was an early Saturday morning, and the kids were beyond excited to get into the city. We were on our way to the Tolly Tots event near Rockefeller center to view a few of the new toys that are going to make a big impact this Holiday season. PlaySchool, Little Mommies, Little Geniuses, and of course Disney, pulled out their best for our little tots to explore.

As an 80s baby, I was tickled to see that Playschool is teaming up with the famous Rubik’s cube to create some cool toys for tots to covet this season. It’s Rubik’s cubes 50th anniversary and they wanted to create products that parents would love and kids could make into new classics. They even had Rubik’s cube cushions for the kids to sit on. There were building blocks with the classic primary colors used on the original cube and lots more.

Our little Duchess immediately gravitated to the Disney Princesses. They were all there: Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana and even Merida from Brave.  Most of the little girls were attracted not only to the life-like Disney dolls, but to their adorning horses. Merida was of course standing right next to Angus, her faithful steed. There were Disney baby strollers, and lots of outfits to play dress-up. My husband had a very difficult time pulling the little girl and I from the displays!

As me moved to the rooftop deck, there were more products to explore. Little Mommies had a cute little set up outside, and put together their shopping cart display. My little toddler loved pushing around the cart, and pulling out all of the groceries. I have to hand it to Little Mommies: they made a point of putting wholesome items in the cart, such as fruit, milk, Wheat bread and even canned vegetable soup. Guess what we’re getting our daughter for Christmas?

Tolly Tots did a fantastic job with this event, and they were able to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile — a worldwide charity that helps treat facial deformities like cleft lips and palates. We had fun while making a difference. What could be better than that?

A big thank you to Vanessa for inviting me to cover this event for The Queen of Swag.