ToweliGator! I Won’t go to the Beach with out it!

Hey All!

So I live in California where you can Drive to multiple beaches at any time. My family and I love to go to the beach especially in the Summer. We go there often as it’s free and my non-Hubby and teen have an obsession with the beach. They want to live on the beach! The only thing I don’t like about the beach is people seeing me in my bathing suit lol and the towel battle I have to endure every time we go to the beach. How many of you know what I’m talking about? You’re at the beach trying to lay down the towel but it keeps flying everywhere. It hits sand up into your face, it flaps like a flag in the wind, and when you finally get it down it still manages to get sand all over it so you still have to lay in sand even though your on a towel!

Well if you are like me and you hate the towel battle at the beach you need to try this great new gadget called the Toweligator! I think they are AMAZING! First of all not only do they solve the beach towel problem they are so darn cute! They come in a variety of colors and look at these pics! Aren’t they cute?

How it works is the MOUTH of the Toweligator clamps onto your towel and then you can bend the tail however you’d like. You then place your towel down and wedge the Toweligator down into the sand. It also adds weight to the towel so it doesn’t flap around when you’re trying to put your towel down. You can also use it to hold your phone or Ipod so that it doesn’t get dirty or damaged in the sand.  You can see an up close picture of the Toweligator I have used holding onto my phone below. I would show you beach pictures of it in action but I’m scared to show you pics of me in a Bikini at the beach! Ekkk! I digress…

My family and I loved playing with this amazing gadget at the beach! The kids liked playing with them but you have to watch that they don’t clamp their fingers inside as the jaws of the Toweligator are very strong. I would not leave any small children unsupervised with this gadget. It’s not a toy people. 

They come two in a package so we had fun trying it on our towels and gadgets but there are lots of uses for this cute handy gadget! Like another example of how you could use this would be that you could hang up your towel or bathing suit on your shower curtain rod so that it dries and you don’t have to worry about it falling off your hanger onto the ground! Or you can hang your bathing suits on the railing of your swimming pools.

More About the Toweligator:

The unique and well-researched design allows the bendable tail to attach almost anywhere to make it the most versatile and fun clamp on the market. The tail can bend around chair backs, closet rods, tree limbs, and boat decks making the Toweligator not just a beach clamp, but the everywhere clamp. The strong gator-grip jaws ensure your belongings stay where you put them. Take your Toweligators everywhere!

Conceptualized during a windy beach trip, DiMart, LLC. has invented the must-have beach and travel accessory for the summer –  the Toweligator®.

Unlike common one-use towel holders, because of the distinctive and patented bendable tail design, you can also stick it straight into the beach to keep cell phones, reading glasses, or ipods safe from the sand.  The strong gator-grip jaws ensure your belongings stay where you put them.

Vacations and days by the pool are supposed to be relaxing and fun, not spent chasing your towel. No more dual role hair clips, tying knots, finding safety pins or constantly adjusting your towels. Let a team of Toweligators grip and fasten your towels right where you need them.
Originally designed to hold your beach towel securely in place, either in the sand or on your beach chair, its practical uses are endless. Use your imagination, then allow team gator to hold your glasses out of the sand and your snack bag sealed on YOUR towel.

Take your Toweligators everywhere!

I love this product and it has now made me look forward to going to the beach because the war with me and our towels has ended thanks to this amazing product. I highly recommend it!

You can get your own Toweligator by visiting their sit at!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received a review sample of this product courtesy of the Family Review Network and Toweligator and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***