Ultimate Spider-Man Wise Cracking Spidey Mask & Gloves!


Hey All!

It’s the Summer of Marvel toys and we’ve been celebrating hard! We’re so happy to have been collaborating with Hasbro on these fun posts all Summer. I’m so sad Summer is coming to an end, as I’d much rather be out in the sunshine playing with some fun Hasbro toys with the family, then inside working. I have one more post which I will share with you on Monday! Stay tuned as it’s going to be a mashup of superheroes like you wouldn’t believe! Today I wanted to share with you these awesome imagination dress up toys for the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors series of toys from Hasbro. They were kind enough to send up the Wise Cracking Spidey Mask and the  Spider-Man 2099 Web Slingers Blaster.


With this fun mask your kids can become Spidey as they dress and play toys really allow them to use their imaginations. They can taunt the bad guys as your favorite wall-crawling superhero with the Wise Cracking Spidey Mask! This cool electronic mask lets your kids take on the identity of Spider-Man. With this electronic mask on your face, you can hide your own identity and adopt the web-slinger’s tough persona! At just the right moment in the battle, you can activate the mask’s sounds with your chin by opening your mouth. That will make the mask say phrases like “Whoa, spider sense is going crazy” and “Watch out, I’m swinging here!” Villains everywhere will run at the sight and sound of you in your Wise Cracking Spidey Mask!

You can see it in action in the video below:

If it’s too big on your kidlet there are adjustable straps and a chin pad. Again the phrases the mask said are chin activated, so the chin area is elevated.

It’s for Ages 5 and up and Requires 2 “AAA” batteries (demo batteries included).


We’re having a blasty blast with these amazing dress up toys. With the Spider-Man 2099 Web Slingers blaster, you’ll feel like your favorite armored web-slinging superhero when you pull on the included glove, and when you strap on the blaster over it. You simply load one of the 2 webs and fire with your middle 2 fingers, just like Spider-Man does! Like you see the hand in the picture below.


It comes with a target with The Lizard on it, so you can sharpen your aim. It’s the complete Spidey package for imagination play!

I hope you enjoyed this fun look at these super cool Hasbro Toys!

For more info on these toys visit Hasbro.com.