UncommonGoods.com! Unique Finds For Your New Home! #Review

Hey All!

So we’ve finally decided to pack our bags and move to a new place. Now when moving the only fun thing about it is getting to reorganize and redecorate your new home. One amazing place that I’ve taken to for this is uncommongoods.com. UncommonGoods has tons of unique home decor and  uncommon housewarming gifts, desk accessories, and even piggy banks. If you have a geeky family like I do you will love all the amazing gadgets and unique decor and home items they have to offer.

I was given two items from this amazing site to review. First off is The Cake Knife! This amazing knife is perfect for all those cakes I’ll be baking for our house warming parties.

The brilliant cake knife engineered to dice through gooey layers of your favorite desserts without sticking or leaving residue on the blade. Made with a brilliant, new material and cutting-edge design, the Cake Knife is a multi-purpose blade that effortlessly slices through any soft food (think butter, boiled eggs and cheese) for clean and easy serving. Made in the USA.

  • Heat Resistant to 430 degrees F
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Stain Resistant
  • FDA Approved

This knife gives you those picture perfect cake slices like the one seen in the picture above. I love this knife and it is a life saver. I have no idea how I cut any cake with out this knife. No more crumbling pieces of cake. No more trying to figure out how deep to stick in the knife to cut a slice of cake. This knife cuts the perfect slice of cake and does it’s job perfectly every time.

Secondly I was super excited to get some Plug Out Outlet Organizers.

This is the nightmare or disorganized plugs I’ve been dealing with thus far so you can image how thankful I am to get these organizers..

This cute and heroic plug organizer is used to not only get your organized but it will also help you save money as well as the environment by making it easy to unplug electronic devices when they’re not in use. The enemy is “vampire energy loss”. Virtually all electronics continue to draw power even when they’re switched off, and that can accumulate to a sizable percentage of household power usage.

Start your own fight against wasted electricity by attaching a Plug Out to the wall near an outlet, using its stain-free adhesive. Then, when you unplug your unused devices, their plugs rest between the Plug Out’s silicone knobs, remaining untangled and conveniently nearby for their next call to battle. The easy-to-use device won the A Better World by Design DCE Consumer Product Challenge for its young designer, René Lee, an undergrad at Rhode Island School of Design.


They come in fun colors and are extremely helpful especially when your moving into a new home and want to be organized! You can label each plug for what it powers and then hang it in it’s own special spot when you’re done with the plug. I love how easy they are to use as well. You just peel and stick them where you’d like them to be. It’s as easy as peel and stick and you’ve just gotten some sanity behind your television and gadgets. Every home should have these.

I love these two products and I love all the fun items you can find for the home on UncommonGoods.com! I highly recommend them!

For more info about UncommonGoods visit their Facebook Page or follow @UncommonGoods on Twitter. I’m sure you will love them just as much as I do!