Verizon and the TCM Film Festival Fun! #VERIZON

Hey Everyone!

I’m so happy to have attended the 2012 TCM AKA TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES FILM FESTIVAL this past weekend thanks to the amazing Verizon! I won a giveaway for these tickets that came out to a value of about $2400! These were the Mega tickets for the festival and they also came with a huger good bag filled with books, dvd’s, moleskin notepads, A Disney D23 Cup and more! Love the Disney D23 CUP SO MUCH! It was there in honor of Snow White at the festival.

We had a blast seeing Snow White for the first time on in the famous Grauman Theater and on the big screen! It was beautiful!

We also saw Cabaret and Young Frankenstein and lets not forget China Town! One of our favorite movies! My sister my daughter My Sister… You all know the line right?

We had a blast and hopefully I can get lucky next year and win some passes again.

What’s even greater is it’s opened the door to hopefully getting to work with the fabulous folks at Verizon! I’ve been a loyal Verizon Customer for almost 15 years! I know! Everyone from the East coast has Verizon! It’s what we trust. I’m never leaving Verizon I can tell you that. When 911 happened my phone was one of the few that worked and it’s thanks to Verzion.

So thank you Verizon for many years of great service and for this great opportunity to attend this amazing film festival!

****Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I simply won a giveaway and I am sharing my love of Verizon for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own!****