Verizon At CES 2013 & My Vow To Live Smart In 2013! #SomosFiOS #VZWBuzz #VZCes


Hey All!

As you all know I attended the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week and I was super excited to see that Verizon was there with some amazing new services in technology that will allow you to Live Smart and Easier in 2013! As you all know I’m on a health and fitness challenge at the moment and I’m on a mission to not only get healthy, but to live a better, easier, and happier life. I feel that the products, tools and services that Verizon will be launching this year will truly allow me to do this. I’m not just saying this because I’ve bee a customer of Verizon for over 15 years, but I truly do believe this.

Let me share with you some of the great devices and services I discovered that will allow us to Live Smarter, Healthier, and Easier in 2013!

The first device that caught my eye has to be the Samsung Galaxy Camera!a45ad36859e111e2ac5122000a9f14f8_7

This wonderful camera is not special because it allows you to take amazing photos and shoot amazing video, it’s special as it also connects on Verizon’s LTE service with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! This means you can instantly share your high quality video and pictures where ever you go straight from your camera! How amazing would it be to capture your babies first steps in a High Quality photo or video and instantly be able to send it to Grandma or maybe to the babies father who might be away on a business trip. And you can then download and print out the same photo and frame it!

I know most of you are saying well, I can share photos and video with my phone. Well if you honestly think about the means you have to go to get a good photo on your phone in order to get a good picture, you will rethink your thoughts on this camera, and honestly miss the moments your trying to capture since you’ll be spending so much time trying to get the camera phone to focus. Trust me as I’ve had first hand experience with this and this camera is a god send. I personally think it’s a must have especially for those like me who love to take photos of my family, friends, food, pets and products. With sharing your pictures on Instagram and facebook becoming the most common ways to share family photos and more, why wouldn’t you want to capture the highest quality instantly and be able to share it instantly? And why wouldn’t you want to have high quality photos that you can later print. I know I do!

It also has voice control, so you can set the camera up to capture yourself in those moments as well! It also cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend to upload your pictures from your camera in order to print, save, and share them. It’s the perfect device that showcases how you can live smarter and easier in 2013!


Family Base is going to be a life saver. If you’ve wanted to monitor what your children our doing on their devices this service is going to make life a whole lot easier. With Family Base I can monitor what our teen is using his devices for. It will allow parents to not have to be invasive and physically enter their children’s devices to see what it is being used for. You can do it with this service and it’s an easier and SMARTER approach to monitoring your children. If you’re like me with a teen, it will save so much time and energy! It’s another tool to Live Smarter and Easier with Verizon Wireless.


Another amazing development that was showcased was the iD technology platform. The iD app is a sensory browser that recognizes images, objects, faces, videos, music and more via the camera or viewfinder in any wireless or other handheld device. This recognition immediately provides the user with a more enriching experience on their device based on whatever they are ‘iD’ing’, such as money-off coupons, additional content, product information, augmented reality and more.

For example if you see a brand of cookies on the tv or at a store you can open up the ID App, scan it with your camera and it will take you to all the online information on that product and where you can buy it! How many times have you seen something on TV and wondered who made it or where it was sold? This is the answer to that problem and is such an amazing easy way to find the products you want easily! Easy being the key word here!


We also learned that Verizon and Redbox have come together to bring unlimited streaming to your homes! Woohoo! No more running out in the middle of the night to return a Redbox movie rental! Now you can rent them easily from the comfort of your own home! I think it’s the perfect addition to Verizon FiOS and it’s one of the most convenient things to have since it allows you to have stress free rentals and you can live happier knowing you didn’t return your Redbox rental late!


The Golden-i Headset computer is is just something I have to mention. It’s not a consumer device, but it is a wearable computer that was made for medics and firefighters so they can have that information easily accessible and truly hands-free. It allows healthcare workers to access and record information quickly on their Golden-i headsets. They can see patient records on a virtual 15-inch screen, talk to remote colleagues, and use GPS and maps to track their location.

A built-in camera enables direct video communication between field medical staff and the emergency room, so experts at a hospital can assess a situation and provide advice. How amazing is that! It’s going to be a truly life saving device. If it does become technology for the public imagine how amazing it will be to have a hands free computer that you can see right through a small headset! You can multitask like no other with this hands free device.


And last but not least NFC Medical ID Band and The NantLife System! People with chronic illnesses or major medical conditions will have the ability to share their medical information instantly! With HealthID’s NFC-enabled medical ID band (seen above on the left) it is designed to deliver an easier, mobile way for patients or their caregivers to share up-to-date information. A simple tap of the NFC-enabled ID band on a compatible smartphone or tablet transfers information such as glucose levels and other vitals. This will help healthcare providers monitor and protect a patients health and save more lives!

The NantLife System allows you to be able to seamlessly connect with your doctors and to have the capability to allow your doctors to monitor your health wirelessly. My family and I personally deal with health issues that have to be monitored by our health care providers. This system would not only be a life saver to my family, but to any family dealing with an illness that needs to be monitored  by a doctor. With the growing rate of childhood diabetes, Celiac Disease, Obesity, and a numerous amount of bowel issues amongst children and adults, I feel this system is going to be a must have for any household.

All the products and services mentioned above I know will allow me to be more productive and healthy in 2013. That’s my main focus for me and my family in 2013. I’m taking a vow to live the best life I can and I feel these products and services will truly aide in achieving that goal in 2013! It’s the year to Live Smarter, Live Healthier, and to Live Life Easier don’t you agree? I’m happy to see that Verizon will soon be helping me do it every step of the way! Here’s to another 15 years with Verizon!

These are just some of the innovations Verizon revealed at CES 2013 and there is a lot more in store for 2013 so stay tuned! For more info on all the Verizon products featured at CES visit



***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post.  I am solely sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***