Vidazorb Probiotic Tummy Savers! Review and PROMO!

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I don’t know how many of you deal with issues with your stomach or bowels, but I do. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I have Chron’s disease, so it’s a constant worry for me since I never know when I’ll have an episode with Stomach. My teen also has Ibs, but it’s no where near as severe as my Chron’s. In order to keep our bowl issues in order we take lots of probiotics.

A great probiotic that me and my teen tried are called Belly Boost Chewable Probiotics. It’s easy and convenient to take. All you do is take one wild berry flavored tablet three times per day (if you’re an adult this is the suggested dosage) and Hopefully Belly Boost will deliver beneficial microorganisms to your gastrointestinal system, helping to regulate your digestion as well as helping to build your immunity system. The wild berry tastes like a typical chewable multivitamin and it did help our digestive system after a few days of taking it.Belly Boost Chewable Probiotics is designed to “help maintain digestive health and overall wellness.”

BellyBoost Chewable Probiotics is actually a childrens formulated probiotic, However, BellyBoost Chewable Probiotics can also be taken by adults as well. Like I said earlier, you can simply change the dosage to three pills daily for adults. They sell a number of probiotics for your gut. Taking a probiotic supplement can help regulate your system. I know it’s helped mine. I love these probiotics.

And, if you didn’t know this month is Diabetes Awareness Month. Any of the products in Vidazorb®’s line are safe for diabetics and the sweetener used is recognized as safe by the American Diabetes Association, the FDA, and international health agencies. Probiotic formulations like Vidazorb® may work to reduce some of the painful symptoms caused by diabetes as well.

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**Disclaimer: I won a bottle of belly boost and simply wanted to share how it help me with my readers. I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post.