Visiting The Northpole Communicator In Hollywood For The Holidays!


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Hey All!

Before Christmas we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Northpole Communicator that was in town the weekend before Christmas thanks to Hallmark! It was such a fun day to spend with my family at this festive event.


The Northpole Communicator allows your kids to chat with an elf or Santa in the Northpole. How amazing is that? The kids love it!


The communicator responds to the kids in real time so it’s like they are having a conversation with someone at the Northpole. We chatted with an elf and the kids were loving it.


When you’re done chatting with the Northpole you get to take home a photo in an adorable envelope to remember the day at the Northpole Communicator.


How cute did this photo come out? Too cute!


I even had a blast at the Northpole Communicator! Thanks to Hallmark for having us!


We also got to take the fun home which you can too for next Christmas as they have a bunch Northpole themed products you can enjoy at home with your family.


You can have your very own Northpole Communicator at home!


You turn the dial to channel the Northpole and it’s so much fun to do with the kids for the holidays.


Check it out in action in the video below:

You can also help Santa find your home with this Find Me Santa Snowflake ornament. You can customize it with your child’s name.


Check it out in action in the video below:

Share the story of Santa and the Northpole with this beautiful interactive story book


It lights up and changes colors on its own.


Check it out on video below also so you can see how awesome it is:

And last but not least you can write a letter to Santa on this magic paper that you put in the fridge and it turns into a response from Santa to your child when you take it out of the fridge.


It’s so fantastic.

Hallmark always puts out the most festive holiday products each year! I highly recommend you run out to Hallmark today to snag some of these before Christmas and if the Northpole Communicator ever comes your way I highly recommend you check it out!

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I solely received these products and attended this event thanks to Hallmark. All opinions are my own.