VSP And Style with a Vision!

Hey All!

Did you know your eyewear is the only fashion item that you can get insurance for? I just realized this the other day when I was at the eye doctor checking out some fabulous frames for myself. In case you didn’t know I wear glasses for reading. My fiance’ wears glasses as well, only he needs them all the time.  I quickly noticed we only like to get the most stylish and expensive frames. Yes, I want to look good in my frames! Your glasses (especially when they are designer) can get very pricey and paying for glasses out-of-pocket can be expensive.

Thankfully I have VSP Direct– the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company. They have spent the better part of a decade developing high-quality, affordable individual plans that are now available in every state. VSP individual insurance is so affordable and gets you access to a large selection of frames from classic styles to trendy (including dozens of top brand names), so you can find one that fits your personality and personal style. Including lenses and frames, designer glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. I’d rather get a whole designer outfit and my glasses then spend hundreds on just my designer glasses. With VSP I can! Every time we go to the eye doctor we always pick out expensive frames and VSP has helped us from breaking our bank account. We’ve had VSP for some time and it has saved us a bundle.

Who wouldn’t want to afford designer frames like these fabulous Nine West Frames!


Look and see how the right frames can complete any look! Check out this Winter Chic Look I came up with using all the fabulous Nine West Fashions and the amazing glasses seen above. Yes everything you see below from the glasses to the coat is Nine West. They truly make some fabulous frames and fashions!



The right frames can complete any look and make you feel good and glamorous. It also helps to have the matching fashion accessories like some fabulous shoes and earrings.

VSP Direct, insurance benefits can be purchased directly to you, or as a gift to someone else—both available for as little as 41 cents a day. Or, through a convenient monthly payment plan, which is available in 46 states, consumers can pay less than $16 a month – depending on the state in which you live. VSP individual insurance also gives you access to a large selection of frames from classic styles to trendy (including dozens of top brand names), so you can find one that fits your personality.

Coverage includes:

  • Covers the eye exam with a low co-payment
  • Provides allowance for glasses or contacts, fully covered lens options
  • Lowest out-of-pocket cost in vision care with a typical annual savings of $227
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 30,000 providers in convenient locations makes VSP the largest doctor network in the industry

If you want to keep your style and want to be able to afford those stylish glasses and save, then VSP is for you!

Also check out the VSP Direct & Nine West “Style with a Vision” Pinterest sweepstakes!

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 8.17.14 AM

You can win one free year of vision coverage as well as a $500 Nine West Gift Card! How fabulous is that?

Good luck and I hope you find the stylish glasses of your dreams! You’ll certainly be able to afford them if you have VSP.



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