Walgreens & Medicare Part D Por Abuelita! #WalgreensLatino

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Walgreens.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Hola Mi Gente!

With the new healthcare reform, many people are being insured for the first time and there is a lot to learn about all the new healthcare possibilities. It can be a confusing time for families trying to determine the best options for their loved ones. One of the new optional programs being provided by Medicare is called Medicare Part D. This is a program that provides insurance to help you pay for your prescription drugs. Anyone on Medicare (with either Part A or Part B) is entitled to drug coverage (known as Part D) regardless of income. No physical exams are required. You cannot be denied for health reasons or because you already use a lot of prescription drugs. If you select to have drug coverage, you pay a monthly premium and you can transfer your prescription to your favorite pharmacy. By transferring your family member’s (i.e. your mom, your dad, abuela, abuelo, suegra, suegro, tia, etc.) prescription insurance plan to Walgreens Pharmacy they could potentially save on Medicare Part D copays.  Plus it will also help to ensure that they receive the complete pharmacy care that they need.

Walgreens is providing lots of amazing info and resources for families about Medicare Part D on their website.


You can download this complete brochure filled with great information about this program HERE. You can also learn more info on the program on that site as well.


If you fill your prescriptions at Walgreens, they’ll let you know when a less expensive generic alternative is available and whether you’re able to order a 90-day prescription, three months of medication at once, resulting in a lower copay. Walgreens offers other Medicare covered pharmacy services too, including immunizations. And, if you’re on Medicare Part B, Walgreens accepts Medicare assignment for diabetes testing supplies. They also offer 90 day supplies and carry all major brands, including OneTouch, Contour, Accu-Chek, FreeStyle and TRUEtest.

Having all your prescriptions at Walgreens also ensures you receive the complete pharmacy care you need, including:

  • Help staying on track with your medications through our refill reminders and automatic prescription refills.
  • Access to expert pharmacists for advice on prescriptions, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, health conditions and more.
  • Automatic screenings for harmful drug interactions with your other Walgreens prescriptions and any (OTC) medications.

If you have an abuelita or abuelo who could really benefit from the great services Walgreens is providing with Medicare Part D change your elders insurance plans to Walgreens Pharmacy.

For more information about Medicare Part D visit the Walgreens Website and be sure to follow Walgreens on Facebook.

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Hope this info helps you get the best coverage for your loved ones!