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So my family and I went to see a screening of the AMAZING new Steven Speilberg Film War Horse thanks to Disney Pictures. I went with the family and instead of writing up a review myself My Non-Hubby who may or may not be taking over the task of doing Movie Reviews in 2012 wanted to give writing a Movie review a try. I’m going to give my two cents as well. And here is also a clip from the movie as well.


War Horse, A Steven Spielberg film has the greatest Long shots of vast landscapes I’ve ever seen that are set to a beautiful John Williams score! War Horse is very much a Steven Spielberg film. Nearly every shot is masterfully set and assembled which makes watching this film like watching a motion painting. Teamed with the John Williams score, War Horse is almost a film that requires no dialogue. The shots aligned with the expressive score tell this story.

The story of the film follows the titular War Horse, named in the film Joey, throughout his experiences during World War I. While the horse’s experience in the war is what drives the film, the film also tells six stories of people that cross Joey’s path and their relationship to the war. Starting the film is the boy that witnesses Joey’s birth and instantly begins a kinship with the horse and whose father purchases the horse. While in the possession of the boy, the thoroughbred accomplishes deeds that are nothing short of miracles. Without giving away the story, the horse then goes into the ownership of a young English Captain off to war, where Joey meets a fellow horse that will become his companion through most the war. Both horses then fall in with two German soldiers that are brothers trying to escape their regiment. The horses are then found on the farm of a young girl and her grandfather whom are constantly invaded by German troops for supplies. A German artilleryman is then forced to use the horses to pull massive canons. And in the most realistic and ridiculous story, Joey becomes trapped in No Man’s Land (the area between opposing trenches that is filled with death and destruction) where 2 soldiers from opposite sides of the trenches get to take a break from the hate of war to perform the most touching of deeds. Are Joey and the young boy reunited by the end of the film? I won’t spoil that, but do keep in mind this is a Steven Spielberg film.

The cast is mostly unknowns with a few exceptions of actors that you know you have seen in other films but probably do not know their names. The young Captain that takes Joey off to war is Tom HIddleston (Loki from this past summer’s Thor and this upcoming summer’s The Avengers). David Thewlis (of the Harry Potter films) is landlord that attempts to purchase young Joey at an auction. Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock Holmes) is an officer in command of an English Cavalry. And David Cross (from The Reader) is one of the German brothers. The real stars, however, are the 14 horses used to portray Joey. In dangerous scenes an animatronics horse is used and probably a little bit of CG, but most of the performances are done by real horses. These animal actors truly make the movie and sadly the only recognition they will probably receive is that from animal lovers. There will be no award for best performance given by an animal actor which is a true travesty.

Spielberg does his best to add realism of war without showing any of the actual violence and death (making this film a solid PG13). The story is inspiring and heartfelt and will probably make you shed tears. Take a loved one, but not too young. This film should ideally be experienced on the big screen so as to get the full effect of the grand shots and sweeping score, after all as I said before this is a Steven Spielberg film.


Now My Two cents:

We my Non-Hubby is quite the writer isn’t he. He and I pretty much felt the same about the movie except I shed buckets of tears in this movie. I don’t know what it is when I see an animal going through tough times it makes me shed tears and hearing the amazing and touching John Williams Score in this film did not help. The movie is beautifully shot and has some rather brilliant acting from none other than a horse! I wish the academy recognized the brilliant work of the hardworking animals in the business. It’s a shame because the horses used in this film should win the gold in my opinion. It’s a beautifully acted and well shot film. It may not be suitable for young kids because of the violence, but being that this is based on a scholastic published young adult book it’s OK for tweens and teens.

My family and I loved the film and I’m sure  you will love it as well!

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***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I attended a free screening of this film  and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own and of my family.***