CLOSED-Back to School with The WRAP-N-MAT® & WRAP-N-MAT® Pouch – Review & Giveaway!

 A Way to SAVE while Packing Lunches for Back to School and More! The WRAP-N-MAT® and WRAP-N-MAT® POUCH!

Me and my family try to be as Eco-Friendly as possible. We were keeping our eyes out for ways to save for back to school this summer, and we decided to attend the World Fest Los Angeles fair, A solar powered celebration of Earth, animals, and the Environment a few months ago. I stopped by one of the booth vendors and was lucky to stumble upon WRAP-N-MAT® sandwich wraps (the Red/White Gingham ones to be exact) and purchased a few.  It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I have to share with the world how much I love this product!

So I have a question…How many of you waste money every month on plastic sandwich bags or aluminum foil to pack your family’s lunch or your lunch for work? I know I did until I found this product. I was wasting so much money on plastic baggies and Aluminum foil and destroying the planet at the same time. It’s terrible! I digress…

Before I got the WRAP-N-MAT®, I used to be a constant Tupperware user for everything including lunches, but keeping Tupperware organized is simply impossible. Some people have sock monster, I have a Tupperware monster. One day I’ll have matching lids and bottoms, the next day I’m looking high and low for a top to fit a bottom, but there are none ever to be found or seen again and after wasting time searching I am left frantic to find any container to hold my food items in. I also used Sandwich baggies often, which was expensive to constantly buy. You need to purchase name brand baggies if you intend to use them more than once and they often cost a lot and don’t give your monies worth. Lastly I used a lot of Foil paper, which is recyclable and keeps food somewhat insulated, but you can’t really reuse it so it’s really a waste for this kind of use. Using the WRAP-N-MAT® sandwich wrap has replaced MY constant use of all of the above. It’s helped my family save much needed money too in these tough economic times.

How the Wrap-N-Mat Wrap® works: You simply lay out your Wrap-N-Mat Wrap® or Pouch, Place your food in the center, and fold Left to Right, Top to Bottom, and that’s it you’re done! You can adjust the Pouch size to fit the amount of food you want to fit inside the pouch. So you can make it work for your needs and it eliminates having to buy all sorts of different sized baggies to out snacks or sandwiches in! Yay!


Your food will stay fresh inside the Wrap-N-Mat® Wrap and Pouch and when needed you can place it next to an ice pack in your lunch bag. When you are ready to eat simply unfold and you have your own mat right there.

When I now make sandwiches for work and for my family I wrap it in my WRAP-N-MAT®.

I loveeeee that it acts as a place mat when I open it up to eat my sandwich and when I’m done I can brush the crumbs off and bring it home. It’s adorable! It’s great for taking snacks to the park or beach since it opens up into a mat that you can eat off.

It can save you money and it helps you save the planet by cutting back on the disposable items you use on a daily basis for food. I think that this product is brilliant and when I think a product is brilliant I do research on them so that my friends, family, and now readers can know every detail about it, so when I come to everyone to tell them to get one I can list off a number of reasons why you should. It’s a habit I have of doing this. I like all the facts so that there is no reason why anyone would turn down buying a product I recommend to them.

So this is some of the information I found out from their website:

These Wrap-N-Mat Wraps® and Pouches come in a wide variety of fabrics.

Purchasing reusable lunch products like the Wrap-N-Mat Wraps® and Snack Pouches can help cut down on the waste you or your children contribute to our landfills.

The president of WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps is a mother of four who became aware of just how may plastic bags her family was using. The 13″ x 13″ wraps were designed in 1997 and patented in 1999 to provide help families take “small steps to changing our daily routine” to make a difference to our planet.

The wraps have cloth on one side (the outer layer) and a plastic liner on the other (the inner layer). The liner is made to FDA standards for contact with food and is BPA, phthalate, and lead free. If you want to know more on how the linings are manufactured here.

WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps and Pouches are NOT intended for hot foods or to be heated or to be microwaved.

As with any plastic, placing hot food upon the lining will make it melt. Simply place the sandwich or other snack foods in the center of the wrap and fold left to right, top to bottom and close the hook and loop fasteners. WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps keeps food fresh for hours. When needed, place a cold pack alongside the mat. It’s meant to use only for sandwiches, fruits, cold snacks, pretzels, or anything that isn’t hot or that needs to be heated to eat. When it comes to lunch and breakfast there is plenty you can choose from. I wrapped a dough nut in it for breakfast once, (I know not the healthiest of choices for breakfast, but I love them) and so forth. You get the idea.

The Wrap-N-Mat does exactly what its name says. It wraps the food and when ready to be eaten it opens back up into a cute place-mat to eat off of.

It’s very easy to Clean. The vinyl side of the WRAP-N-MAT® is easy to wipe clean. If the cloth side gets dirty a simple hand wash will get it clean. Air-drying the cloth can take bit of time to dry compared to Tupperware, so I recommend having more than one WRAP-N-MAT® available to use if one is not dry in time.

The Mommy Inventor states this about her company:

“We strive really hard to establish a great reputation by providing high quality products, by meeting our customers’ demands, and by providing great customer service. Our mission is to reduce the amount of wasted plastic baggies while providing customers with a re-usable, high quality product that they can be proud to use,” Bonnie Stromme, the WRAP-N-MAT® inventor.”

WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps are the only RE-USABLE sandwich wrap and placemat in one.

Original sized wraps are approx. 13″ x 13″

Grande’ sized wraps are approx. 14″ x 17″

You can get your own WRAP-N-MAT® at

I commend and thank Bonnie for being amazing enough to think to make this product! It’s helped me immensely and it can help you too!


The kind folks at Wrap-N-Mat® have donated a RED WRAP-N-MAT® Mat and Pouch set for one of my readers for BACK TO SCHOOL! Thank you WRAP-N-MAT®!

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**Disclosure: I was given a free Wrap-N-Mat POUCH® by Wrap-N-Mat for this review and given an EXTRA Wrap N Mat® Wrap and Pouch for the giveaway. I owned a Wrap-N-Mat Wrap® prior to this review. These are my opinions and it cannot be said that you will have the same experience. This is not a paid post. Wrap-N-Mat® is a registered trademark and cannot be used without following the disclosure policy.**

Thanks for allowing me to share my joy of WRAP-N-MAT® with you and I hope it helps you and your family for Back to School! And thank you for following my blog!