We Got Milk For Back to School!

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milk and donut


Hey All!

It’s Back to School time and School days begin with a tall glass of Milk of course! From packing healthy lunches (including a thermos of milk!) to starting the day off with milk & cereal, milk is healthy fuel for kids who are in-school. We always make sure we Got Milk when school starts.

In case you didn’t know Milk is a great source of protein.  There are 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz glass. Milk also has 9 essential nutrients: Calcium, Protein, Potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Niacin. That’s a whole lot of nutrients to be missing out on if you don’t have your kids drinking Milk. Milk can also help with maintaining Healthy hair, Strong nails, Preventing risks of cavities/promoting strong teeth, and lets not forget Strong bones. These are all things that can keep your child energized and strong for a probably busy school year.

When school time comes around I always make sure we start the day off with some Milk. It can be paired with some donuts like you see above for a special Back to School treat.

I’m from New York, so having Milk and Donuts on the first day of School was always a tradition of mine. I passed that tradition onto my kids. It’s not an every day thing that we pair with our Milk, just a first day of school treat.

I sometimes make a smoothie or shake using Milk for the kids if we’re running late for school or…

milk shake

We have it with our morning cereal.

bowl of cereal

Sometimes it’s sugary marshmallow filled cereal, but everyone once in a while the kids deserve a treat. It gets them even more excited to have their dose of Milk in the morning.

I try to make drinking milk fun for our kids, especially during school time because school can be a stressful event for kids. Warming up some Milk in the morning and or making it an addition to their breakfast makes starting the school day a little less stressful.

We Got Milk in our diet and morning school day routine. The kids will benefit from it I’m sure and they will have a very productive and energized school year because of it. I come from a long line of Milk drinkers and I firmly believe Milk not only does a body, but a mind good.

Got Milk? How do you incorporate milk into your Back To School routine?


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