We Got Our Paso Dance On At My “Paso Positivo” Block Party! #Positivismo


Hey Everyone!

To celebrate us Shaping up for Summer I decided to throw a Block Party at our local park since in all honesty nothing screams summer fun like a Block Party right! We were inspired by El Maestro Del Vaso Medio LLeno to get out into the summer sun and have a fun Block Party BBQ complete with a bouncy castle, hotdogs, cupcakes, and Chocolate Milk of course! We have to have some milk for this kids of course!

It was a scorching hot day of over a hundred degrees and we were out there in the hot son wearing our Leche shirts but that quickly became way too uncomfortable to be wearing black in the sun so we had to change out of those.

The kids wanted to stay inside the bouncy castle to stay out of the sun. But they did come out to get some food and some chocolate milk of course.

The chocolate milk is a huge hit with the kids of course since it was nice and cold and yummy for the kids. We had franks, potato salad, hamburgers, and cupcakes.

No it wasn’t the healthiest of meals but it’s a BBQ and we had to keep the kids happy! We did have some healthy milk on hand for them to drink instead of soda! We kept it active and moving the entire time running, playing, bouncing, and doing the Paso Dance so we were burning off the calories we were putting on with the bouncy castle, kazoos, and with the kite of course!

Running around with a kite in the summer sun is sure to burn some calories. One of our dogs chico was there and took cover under the picnic table with his shades of course. He’s super cool right?

Out of all the food and drinks we had the Chocolate Milk and the curly straws were by far the biggest hit at the BBQ!

So much like little Joshie in the pic below wanted to sip his Chocolate Milk with two straws.

And you can see all us adults and my teen making fools of ourselves and doing the Paso Dance in this below. We may not know what we’re doing but we’re having fun shaking our groove things and shapping up in the summer!


You too can Shape up for Summer and your families can too! See how it’s done with the “El Paso Positivo” song and video below. Check it out now! It’s really fun!


You can also visit the “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” website and the “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” Facebook page for more ways on how to shape up!


Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.