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Hey All!

Do you love carrots? Well we do! They are so healthy to eat and great for your eyes. They can be the perfect snack, side, or addition to any meal. One brand of carrots that we usually buy are Grimmway Farms and Organic Bunny Luv carrots. They are also a private labeler so their carrots are sold under the Trader Joes name at Trader Joes locations and at Whole Foods as Cal-Organic.


The organic lines are under Bunny Luv or the Cal-Organic brand (which if you shop at Whole Foods you will see most of the produce is Cal-Organic). So essentially every were you shop you’re probably buying Grimmway Farms and Bunny Luv baby carrots and not even knowing it!

This past weekend on memorial day we decided to have a relaxing day by our complexes pool.


We of course took our Baby Carrot Dippers as they are a great portable snack for the kids. They are very easy to carry around.


They are also only 50 calories for each package of baby carrots & ranch dip. How amazing is that? Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene was named after the carrot by a German chemist who discovered the orange pigment in the roots of carrots in 1831.  Beta-carotene is the most important plant form of vitamin A (also known as provitamin A) in our diet, and the body converts this plant pigment into vitamin A.  Vitamin A helps keep eyes and skin healthy and helps to protect against infections.

Carrots are also good for healthy skin, growth and a strong immune system, and contain phytochemicals—colorful plant compounds—that may offer protection from heart disease and certain cancers.

While most commonly orange, carrots can also be red, purple, yellow, white and black. Different varieties of carrots contain varying amounts and types of phytonutrients. For example, purple- and red-colored varieties of carrots are rich in anthocyanins, and yellow carrots contain about half of their carotenoids as lutein.


I love eating them too as they are a great snack that doesn’t take me off my diet and they are good for adults as well! One serving of baby carrots (85g; about 9 medium baby carrots) provides just 30 calories and is a source of over 15 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, including :

  • Vitamin A (11722 IU; 234% DV)
  • Vitamin K (8 mcg; 10% DV)
  • Potassium (201 mg; 6% DV)
  • Vitamin C (2.2 mg; 4% DV)
  • Calcium (27 mg; 3% DV)
  • Phosphorus (24 mg; 2% DV)
  • Magnesium (8 mg; 2% DV)
  • Niacin (0.473 mg; 2% DV)

You truly can benefit from eating baby carrots often.


The Baby Carrot Dippers are perfect for lunches, days on the beach, road trips, and you can even keep some in your purse for a snack for yourself or your kids. They were the perfect addition to our summer fun in the sun.


We also love to have the Biggest Loser Baby Carrots in our salads and The Simply Delicious Carrot Creations

If you love carrots as much as we do I highly recommend you try these delicious carrots.


They are available at mass grocery retailers and Wal-Mart locations nationwide!

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