Wedding Planning With My Samsung Galaxy Camera! #VZWBuzz

This is part of sponsored campaign as part of an Ambassador program for Verizon Wireless. I am also sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.


Hey All!

I’m sure many of my readers are happily married or are getting married. I’m sure you all know how stressful and time consuming planning a wedding can be. It’s going to take us about a year to plan my dream wedding. We had to find the location, food, decorations, and most importantly the dress.



As we are on this journey to the big day, we are using our Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon Wireless service to capture every moment. It helps to have a device in which I can take take pictures where every we go that allows us to share what we see instantly with our friends and wedding party.


This is extremely handy as my maid of honor, bridesmaids, and even my mother are located on the east coast. With this camera they can check out everything as we see it and give us feedback on apps that can be used on this camera like Instagram. All the pictures you see in this post were taken with the camera and edited right on the camera and uploaded to Instagram and shared on the spot.

For example, I took this photo below and asked what everyone thought of these decorations.

Using the photos to exchange ideas about food and what kinds of food we’re thinking of using is very helpful.


Also sharing cake designs and the flavors we should pick is extremely helpful.


The Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon Wireless service is a fabulous device that is a must have for new brides. It will make your wedding planning go so much easier. It will also give you a great opportunity to share your entire wedding planning experience with your friends and family.

Not to mention it will capture the memories of the road to your big day so that you can cherish those memories forever.