Weddings, Bridesmaids, And Family Oh My! #SiennaDiaries

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Hey All!

As my family and bridal party was in town for our wedding, there was a lot of traveling around to pick people up from airports and getting them to all our wedding events. Needless to say we were very thankful to have the Toyota Sienna around to be able to travel around in. There was no way we would have been able to drive everyone around in one car if we didn’t have the Sienna. The Sienna fit 8-9 people easily.

It made it so much easier to drive my bridal party around in particular. We had many girls night outs when they were in town including my bridal shower and bachelorette party. Yes it was our party van for a few days. It was my week to have some me time with my friends and family that I never see as they all live on the east coast. They got me my own bride to be crown, button, and sash to wear around as we headed on our adventures.


We had cupcakes at my favorite bakery and as you can see I had a very fitting wedding themed background.

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The cupcake was perfection to say the least.

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We then had my now husband be our driver for the night as we had a bachelorette party in Downtown LA.


It was so much fun to get the opportunity to have one last girls night out. It got me ready for the big day. My bridesmaids loved being driven around in the car as well. They felt so comfortable in the spacious comfort of the Sienna.


When the big day arrived we drove the wedding party in the Sienna and we couldn’t have had our special day with out it. It saved us so much time and money as we didn’t have to hire a van service.

The Toyota Sienna made it super easy to trek around with my bridesmaids and fit all the donations perfectly.

Just another reason to love our Toyota Sienna. Stay tuned for more of our Sienna Diaries!

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