Hey All!

Welcome to WEDNESDAY HUMP DAYS SLUMP DAY! This is a new WEEKLY EVENT that I will be doing every Wednesday just so you and I can can have a place to share our midweek experiences! Please feel free to share if you have a good or bad day or just want to share a wordless Wednesday picture. What ever you’d like to share in the comments feel free!

Please no inappropriate words or posts! The posts will be monitored so be advised! Keep it PG and clean! This is a family blog you know. Just looking for a way to share my feelings about Wednesdays Hump days and getting over that mid week hump. Sometimes Wednesdays are great for me and sometimes they are terrible.

I don’t know what it is about Wednesday, but I felt the need to do a weekly event to discuss it! Hopefully someone out there agrees with me and participates.

So please leave a comment bellow and let’s get chatting!

Thanks for participating in my WEDNESDAY HUMP DAYS SLUMP DAY everyone and I look forward to reading your comments as well!


  • Well it's sad to see no one participating today. It sucks but what can I do. I really am doing this blog and these events for me in order to have a place to express myself, vent, and hopefully help some people along the way.

    So here goes. This is how my Wednesday has gone, I've been up with the dog since 1am. First at the emergency room while everyone else in my home slept, then later at the vets office. I missed work, school, making dinner for the family, everything… since the dog possible herniated his disc or pulled his neck out and was screaming in pain and no one else wanted to deal with it, and of course it may turn into a 1500 dollar vet bill. Which I DON'T know how we'll pay since we don't have that kind of money, and other personal things happened today as well that I will keep it to myself, but IT'S BEEN a horrific Wednesday to day the least. Hope you all survived better than I did.

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