Wednesday Night Cocktails At The Arclight Hollywood!

Hey All!

I recently had the awesome opportunity to be invited to check out the new ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood Cocktail Menu and I sadly couldn’t make it. I sent my newest awesome contributor and bestie Salby to cover for me. She had a great time and here she is to tell you all about it!

Hey guys!

Salby here from Lulu Bloo. I had the pleasure of covering a cocktail tasting this week at the Hollywood Arclight for the Brite & Bubbly blog! Normally when I go to the movies, I’m there grabbing some popcorn, a few snacks and a drink. Then I’m heading into the theater to watch the show. It’s my go to routine, and it never fails. But I always end up going to dinner and having drinks afterwards. That is of course, until this week! Arclight Cinemas has been integrating a new experience into their theaters.

Since launching their 10th Arclight cinema in 2015, located in Santa Monica, Arclight has been creating an uninterrupted movie experience for movie goers. And in May of last year, a new bar experience was launched at the Culver City location. Since then, the Hollywood and Pasadena Arclight’s have joined the ranks of offering signature cocktails and delectable appetizers. And by summertime, all ten Arclight Cinemas will have launched the new bar experience. And the best part of it all is that you can start off at their bar/lounge area before the movie and head in with your cocktail in hand and enjoy the show.

My night started out at the upstairs bar located near the top of the steps. The bar itself was cozy and was surrounded by a few intimate tables and bar tops. The bar tops were located by the balcony wall and it gave movie goers a chance to have a bird’s eye view of the downstairs lounge and ticketing entry. If you feel like a more private setting is your style, you can always head downstairs and enjoy the signature cocktails and appetizers in the lounge. They offer a variety of signature drinks that range from sweet and tangy to a more smooth and subtle finish. Besides their cocktails, they also have beer on tap as well as a wide variety of other drinks to appeal to everyone’s taste.

That evening, I was there to try their new signature cocktails. They had seven delicious drinks to try, all with cheeky names that made deciding even harder! With drinks like “The Eliza”, “Endless Summer” and my favorite name “Treat Yourself”. Each cocktail had a sophisticated taste to it, whether it was sweet and fun like The Eliza, or more subtle and strong like Big Trouble. While it was a concentrated menu, there was a drink for everyone.

I started off my evening with Endless Summer. I grabbed my glass and headed over to one of the bar tops where I enjoyed the view, the dim glow of the candle and a basket full of popcorn. It was electric ¬¬¬blue with a slice of grapefruit as a garnish. And it was just what you would expect Endless Summer to be. Fruity in flavor with the bold tastes of citrus; sweet with hint of tartness to it and all together fun. It packed quite the punch! While it had tequila in it, you could taste the citrus and sweetness more. It had a mix of pineapple and lime juice, Giffard Pamplemouse liqueur, Blue Curacao and Cimarron Blanco tequila. It was the perfect fruity cocktail.

But my favorite drink of the evening was The Eliza! I normally prefer a nice glass of dry champagne. And along came The Eliza, a bubbly sweet drink that flirted with your taste buds. It was not only delicious in taste but it was beautiful to look at. You’ll almost forget that you’re drinking a cocktail because it’s so subtle. It’s made of Aviation American gin, bartlett pear, crème de cassis, fresh lemon juice, lavender and sparkling wine. With a garnish of raspberries and blackberries to enjoy. It was the highlight of my evening! It’s perfectly sweet, the gin is mellow and subtle, and the bubbles make it effervescent and refreshing. And that tartness of the berries on top just gave you a little treat at the end.

And besides these sweet concoctions, they also offer bolder flavors and drinks like Emerald City; where a martini meets a fresh wine daiquiri. Or The Double Down; Arclight Cinema’s variation of a vesper that’s been the go to favorite to take into theaters. The Double down only grows more complex in its flavors as it warms down. It’s made of Organic Vodka, Plymouth gin and a birch infused Lillet Blanc. It was the more sophisticated drink of the evening.

Each drink had its own personality, and offered a distinct taste and overall experience to your movie going night. They were delicious, beautiful to look at and they added a hint of excitement and happiness to your evening. And while I love The Eliza, I would choose my drink based on the movie I’m going to. It’ll set the mood for the whole night so be sure to have a tasting of your own to find your favorite.

Even though the night was about showcasing all the wonderful cocktails at Arclight, there cherry on top of the evening was the delicious appetizers that were paired with the drinks! We had an array of foods to choose from that included; veggie eggrolls, panko breaded sesame chicken skewers with sweet dipping sauce, bruschetta with a blue cheese crumble on top, shrimp ceviche and my favorite of the evening, ahi tuna poke on a crisp wonton. The ahi tuna is a must! It’s very subtle in flavor, and has a mix of sesame, peppery tuna and the crisp of the wonton. But be warned! You can’t have just one! You will be munching on those little bites sized pieces of happiness all night. And they go perfectly with any of their signature cocktails.

As your movie time approaches, order you favorite cocktail and head on over to your designated theater. And don’t forget your caramel popcorn! Normally I get your basic popcorn with drizzled butter, but the caramel popcorn is just out of this world! It’s sweet and buttery and you can’t get enough!

My movie night at Arclight was exactly what they intended it to be; an uninterrupted experience. I enjoyed drinks, made by the wonderful bar staff. They made sure to pay attention to every detail and provided a signature cocktail with flavor and visual appeal. I munched on yummy appetizers that satisfied my cravings and I enjoyed a night out that ended in watching a movie! Most importantly, I didn’t have the need to go to a restaurant or bar afterwards to round out my evening. Thanks to the bar tenders, chef and wait staff I truly had a unique movie going experience, and I intend to have It again! Head on over to your local Arclight, taste their cocktails and pick your favorite! You won’t be disappointed.

I also must give a big thank you to Vanessa at Brite & Bubbly. By allowing me to cover for her this week, I experienced a unique twist to a classic night out. And it’s safe to say I’ll be doing it again. And perhaps next time she’ll join me and we’ll really make a night of it!

Thanks to Salby for covering for me and I can’t to try all these amazing cocktails myself!