Welcome to The Queen of Swag! Please follow me as I’ll be writing about my ever changing life experiences. This blog will be fun to follow I promise. 🙂

Along with posting about my daily adventures through life, I shall be also doing the following:

1. Giving Away prizes to my followers! I love entering contests myself and I love giving stuff away! Who doesn’t like free stuff? I’ll keep you up to date on the best contests to enter as well as have some of my own.

2. Reviewing Products, Companies, and Events that I find and want to share my thoughts on.

3. Writing Reviews and Running Giveaways for Companies, Events, and Sponsors that request my services.

4. I’ll tell you where to find Free Stuff aka SWAG (STUFF WE ALL GET)! They don’t call me The Queen of Swag for nothing!

5. I’ll also be Reviewing Films, Television Shows, The Latest in cool Technology, and anything else that sparks my interests.

This will be a blog with a nice range of variety. It will be unique and fun for those who read and follow. I’m happy to be entering the “Blogoshere” and building a great relationship with my readers. I’ll try not to disappoint.

Stay tuned for all the fun coming soon! I’ll try to have everything up and running ASAP!