We’re All Doing Good For The Holidays!

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Hey All!

I recently checked out this video from Minute Maid’s Doing Good campaign and it was really inspiring to see. The video focuses on a mom who is a widow and feels she is not doing good as a parent because she doesn’t feel she can be both mom and dad to her daughter. Parents, regardless of the challenging situation they are in, they always tend to have this feeling of always feeling guilty. We can never be good enough for our kids no matter how much we’re trying. The mom in the video then receives a letter from her daughter telling her that she is the most important person in her daughters life and that she is doing a great job as a mom.  It was really touching. You can check it out below, so you can see how sweet it is for yourself. The fact that the girl took the time to show her mom she appreciated and loved her mom was incredible. Her mom shouldn’t be so down on herself.

During the holidays, most parents get down on themselves. It’s that time of year, because most every day parents can’t give the world to their kids and we want to. You want them to have every toy they want or anything they want. Sometimes, it’s just not possible. It’s important to remind ourselves that we are still doing good by being good role models to our kids. It’s about being there for your kids and not about how much you can buy them.


The holidays are the busiest time of year and the most stressful time of year. You have presents to buy, dinners to host, and family coming to visit. It’s a lot to take on, especially when you’re a parent. I have a girl friend going through a tough time right now. I try to be there for her as much as I can, because she is also becoming a single mom. She always feels like she’s not doing enough and like she’s a terrible parent. She’s getting used to being both mom and dad in her home. It’s a tough situation to be in during the holidays, but I’m always there to remind her she’s a great parent to her kids.

None of us are perfect, especially during the holidays, but we’re all #doingood and what really matters are those special moments you share with your child. The holidays are some of the best times you can have with your children. The memories created during the holidays are always the most memorable moments created. Making those moments special (in any way you can) are what really matter. Once you know you’re doing your best to make the holidays special for your child, you can sit back and relax with a nice glass of orange juice.

Minute Maid Orange Juice

Be sure to take a minute and tell another parent out there that they’re #doingood! It might be exactly what they need to hear especially during the busy holiday season. Empower other parents by giving them a sense of accomplishment in their parenting and celebrating the good that they do by caring for their children every day and especially on the days that aren’t easy.

It will not only make them feel good, but you’ll feel good doing something kind for someone you care about in your life. Tis the season to be giving and encouraging!


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