We’re Doing TV Differently This Year!

Hey All!

I’m sad to say this is my final Frontier Post as part of my partnership with Frontier Communications. It’s been a thrill to partner with them since last year March. Today, I wanted to chat with you about how we’re doing TV differently this year with the help of FiOS Quantum TV from Frontier Communications. It redefines your TV experience, giving you more control (pause/fast forward/rewind live TV from any room, record up to 12 shows at once), more storage (up to 400 hours of HD storage) and more mobility (Live TV, VOD and DVR content from anywhere on any device via FrontierTV app).

With FiOS Quantum TV service, you’ll get to watch TV with more control. You’ll never have to miss a thing since you can pause, play and rewind live TV with FiOS Quantum TV. You can have this on up to 10 TVs with set-top boxes. You also get more storage to record and save your shows on your DVR. You can store 200 hours of HD entertainment on a FiOS Quantum TV DVR and that’s more storage capacity than any other DVR.  You can save full seasons of your favorite TV shows, tons of movies and sports events! I know I’ll be doing this for Game of Thrones when it comes back in a few months.

You also get more choice to record and watch up to 12 shows at once. I know! That’s a lot to be recording at the same time, but sometimes you never know how much you need to record. Lastly you also get program content presented in the guide, DVR, and Video on Demand menus. This will help you find any programming you’re looking for on your TV. And don’t forget you can use their awesome app as well.

FiOS Quantum TV redefines our TV experience and it will do the same for you!

For more info on FiOS Quantum TV visit their website HERE!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Frontier Communications.

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