We’re Having A Happy May The 4th Thanks To Hasbro!

Hasbro Star Wars Dolls

Hey All,

It’s May the 4th, which is Star Wars Day! Woot woot! We have Star Wars Day to celebrate the creation of Star Wars by the genius that is George Lucas. The May the 4th date was chosen because it was an easy pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you”. That’s why we say “May the Fourth be with you” on Star Wars Day. It’s become an official holiday for Star Wars fans everywhere. We take this holiday very serious in our household because we’re die hard Star Wars fans. I have a slew of Star Wars themed clothing, shoes, household products, and a huge storage unit sized collection of toys. Hasbro took notice our Star Wars obsession and wanted to help us celebrate this year. We love Hasbro with a passion and they seem to love us back as they were kind enough to send us some amazing Star Wars toys to enjoy and celebrate Star Wars Day with.

They sent us this awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens Home 3.75 inch Home Entertainment Pack that included this amazing little BB-8 figure!

bb8 figure

In addition to that pack they sent some 12 inch Star Wars Figures of Kylo Ren (which is super cool) and…

Kylo Ren Doll

This 12 inch Rey figure.

Rey Doll

These toys are all very well made and my family is having a blast playing with them today. We’re reliving our favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens scenes with these figures.

r2 d2 bop it

My favorite has to be the R2-D2 Bop it game. It’s the cutest game ever and it’s also the most perfect game to play when you’re having a family party for Star Wars day!

star wars Party

We spread out all our awesome toys and munched on some Star Wars themed chips, candies, and BB-8 cupcakes today as we did our own little marathon of the films.

DIY BB-8 Surprise Cupcakes

It was such a fun day to geek out over Star Wars and play as a family with our favorite games and toys.

Star Wars Sprinkles

Thanks so much for Hasbro for helping us make our May the 4th all the more special.

Check out the Hasbro Website for even more amazing Hasbro toys!