We’re Live From San Diego Comic Con 2015!


Hey All!

Me and the Husband are on our annual epic Comic Con adventure at San Diego Comic Con 2015! We’ll be attending (God Willing and we don’t die) all the Friday Panels in Hall H! Follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope at @BriteandBubbly as I’ll be live sharing tons of fun pics and info from the conference. Heck you’ll even get to see some stuff live as it happens when I Periscope! Be sure you’re following me on all those channels so you don’t miss any of the epic geektastic fun!

I can’t wait to share all that I’m doing this year as Press at the conference.


It’s going to be epic! Don’t forget to follow along and I’ll be tagging everything with HASHTAG #BandBSDCC!

Hope you enjoy our coverage of all the fun!