Who Wouldn’t Want to Visit Aruba! I know I do!

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Hey All!

There is one place I have always wanted to take a family vaction too and that place is Aruba. It’s a beautiful happy island that contains everything you need and more! Whether your a foodie, the adventure type, or a beach bum, Aruba has everything at you want at your fingertips! I’ve had family friends actually move there after they went on vacation since they thought it was so beautiful. Once you go to Aruba you never want to come back so I hear!

I would love to set up an Aruba travel vacation one summer and finally live out that dream! I should start planning it for next summer. It’s truly a wonderful place to visit with your family or to have a special event like your wedding. Heck if we were having a desitination wedding next May we would definitely get married in Aruba! The beautiful water is some of the bluest water you will ever see. I’ve seen pictures and have dreamed of seeing it live! Hopefully next Summer.

Here is a list of just some of the things you can do in Aruba:

1. Activities: Sharp geographical differences create a unique combination of land and sea activities. Calm, glittering turquoise waters fringed by marshmallow-soft ivory beaches neighbor a national park encompassing a wild windward coast and unsettled rugged interior.

Quiet horseback rides and leisurely beach walks are good for the soul. Hikers can explore twenty rugged miles of trails in Arikok National Park. Golfing combines the challenge of constant trade winds and tropical sun with desert beauty and sweeping Caribbean views. Tour the island from the comfort of an air-conditioned motor coach or on a jeep safari. Be sure to exercise caution on mountain bikes and all-terrain vehicles!

2. Beaches: Fringing turquoise Caribbean waters, kissed by the sun and cooled by constant trade winds, Aruba’s beaches include wide shaded expanses, quiet retreats, and busy sunbathing and water sports meccas. Much of the seven-mile strip along the west coast is lined with resorts and packed with activity. Beachgoers relax on their comfortable lounges, lost in their favorite book or enjoying people-watching. Swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing, waterskiing, tubing, parasailing, banana-boating, and all kinds of wet ‘n wild adventures are just steps away on Aruba’s beaches.

In contrast, the Caribbean beaches along the windward coast are in more secluded and undeveloped areas. Overlooked by craggy desert terrain, this stretch of Aruba beaches is home to magical coves carved out of limestone and inlets formed by the relentless pounding of waves. Because of strong undertow and crashing waves, swimming here is not recommended. But the Caribbean beaches on Aruba’s wild coast do afford tranquility, privacy and unique natural phenomena. Both coasts afford spectacular, glittering Caribbean views that will surely take your breath away. All Aruba beaches are open to the public.

3. Shopping: Shoppers will find an enormous selection of international brand name products and prices that are 10 – 35% lower than those in the United States. Jewelry store-lined streets and upscale malls with prestigious international brands fill the downtown area while gleaming new shopping/entertainment centers front the high-rise resorts.

Aruba offers a bountiful selection of newly constructed shopping/entertainment centers in the high-rise resort area and downtown store-lined streets and upscale malls, as well as a potpourri of unique boutiques and emporiums. Gleaming shops are brimming with diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, timepieces, perfumes and cosmetics, state-of-the-art electronics, beach and resort wear, designer apparel and accessories, lingerie, fine linens and china, collectables, handicrafts and souvenirs. Friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual salespeople will assist you wherever you go.

4. Restaurants: On Aruba, the abundance, full flavor and diversity of cuisines prepared by world-class chefs; fine international wines; casual, elegant and creative ambiances, and attentive service combine to create very special dining experiences at out Caribbean Restaurants.

The high-rise strip is now home to over 100 resort and independent restaurants. This bustling area is dotted with an eclectic patchwork of shops, malls, cafés and Caribbean restaurants. But do venture downtown and off the beaten path to discover local favorites and trendy new establishments. No matter where you go, you will find an eclectic menu of delicious ethnic and international fare.

5. Attractions: World-renowned beaches along the resort-lined west coast fringe turquoise Caribbean waters, kissed by the sun and cooled by trade winds… Secluded beaches off-the-beaten path along the wind-whipped coast afford magnificent panoramas.

See the sights! Explore natural wonders throughout Arikok National Park, the Casibari and Ayo rock formations and Indian caves. Walk through history at the Bushiribana gold mill, Aruba Aloe Factory and Alto Vista Chapel. Museums in downtown Oranjestad include the new state-of-the-art Archaeology Museum and the fascinating Numismatic Museum. Kids will enjoy all the creatures at the Butterfly Farm, Ostrich Farm and Donkey Sanctuary.

6. Events: The Aruba calendar is filled not only with traditional holiday celebrations but also with international tournaments, caribbean festivals , competitions, regattas and sporting events; film, art, food and music festivals, and other cultural events. It reflects the island’s treasured heritage and multi-cultural history and also the elements that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Carnival is a thrilling show of over-the-top pageantry, brilliant costumes and fantastic music. It is a fun-filled season that begins on November 11 at 11:11 am when the Prime Minister symbolically turns the country over to the Prince and Pancho, and formally ends before Good Friday with the burning of the King Momo effigy. The months in-between are filled with contests and jump-ups. The two final weekends feature the Pajama Parade in San Nicolas and the Lighting Parade in Oranjestad. Grand daytime parades shut down Aruba’s two cities.

Check out this little Video below so you can get a taste of Aruba!

How fantastic is this Island? It’s truly a beautiful place to visit at least once in your life!

Do check the 2013 Aruba travel calendar to see all that is happening on this wonderful happy Island!

What would you do in Aruba if you went?

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