Why I Love Olly Nutrition Vitamins Big Time!


Hey All!

I am trying to get healthy as I’m sure most of us are. I’m going to the gym for at least an hour a day or jogging for an hour in the morning, I’m eating better, and I’m trying to take my vitamins daily. I’m really focusing on trying to maintain these healthy habits, but I have a major issue with the way vitamins taste and with swallowing pills. I had a pill get stuck in my throat one time and it left me traumatized for life. I usually take my vitamins after I work out each morning to give myself an extra boost of energy for the day. That’s my new routine, but I’ve always been keeping an eye out for an alternative to getting my daily vitamins and I literally leaped with joy when I discovered Olly Nutrition Vitamins! I of course discovered them in my home away from home Target!


In case you’ve never heard of them, Olly is a complete collection of uniquely inspired chewable and non-chewable vitamins and supplements. They are naturally colorful and flavorful and extremely easy to take. Every Olly blend is formulated to be super effective by pairing nutrients in powerful combinations that are designed to meet a specific health benefit. They were in the “Made to Matter” section of my Target which showcases amazing relatively new brands that are hand picked for their quality by Target.


If Target says it’s amazing and I look up the information about the company, I pretty much always agree with Target.


They had an amazing selection at my Target thankfully! They are only available in Target or on Target.com or on the Olly website.


I had originally thought I only wanted to get the Perfect Women’s Multi-Berry Vitamin, Effortless Digestion, and Simply Vitamin D, But I ended up loving them so much I went back to Target and picked up a bunch more I figured I could add to my routine that would help me and my body.


I ended up also picking up the Restful Sleep, Perfect Women’s Multi-Berry Vitamin, Effortless Digestion, Simply Vitamin D, Undeniable Beauty, Totally Calm, and Alpha and Omega-3.


I take the Perfect Women’s Multi-Berry Vitamin, Effortless Digestion, Simply Vitamin D, Undeniable Beauty, and Alpha and Omega-3 right after my work out. The Multi Vitamin helps me get the vitamins I need daily. I have low Vitamin D according to my doctor and he recommends I take Vitamin D on top of my Multi Vitamin. I also have issues with my gut so I figured I could use a good probiotic and Effortless Digestion is just that. It’s a blended mix of probiotics and prebiotics to ensure my tract stays on track. This is my dream team of vitamins after a good work out. And they are almost all chewable!! I don’t need to worry about even needing water to take them!

It’s fantastic to me that just one little tasty yellow Olly Simply Vitamin D is all I need to chew on to get the Vitamin D I need.


It’s seriously awesome. I know I can’t stop raving about these vitamins because it feels more like I’m chewing on a treat and reward candy after a good work out then a chore of taking and swallowing vitamins. No more fear of choking on some pills for me thanks to these babies! Taking Olly Vitamins is most enjoyably good habit I’ve ever started and added to my daily routine.


My hair and skin and my memory have been a nightmare as of late, So I figured I could use the Undeniable Beauty and Alpha and Omega-3 as well. The Alpha and Omega-3 is a small pill format but it’s like a gel cap so I’m not scared to swallow it at all.


When I start work for the day on the blog I usually take my Totally Calm to keep me from getting stressed from all the deadlines. I also take it if I’m having a very stressful day. It too is a pill format but again it’s like a tiny gel cap so I’m not scared to swallow it at all. I do find that it does keep me calm through out the day.


I lastly take my Restful Sleep Olly chewable 30 minutes prior to my bed time. I do find I’m sleeping better taking this before bedtime. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day instead of feeling like I need more sleep.

I have seen a significant improvement in not only the way I feel towards taking my vitamins, But how I feel in general since I worked Olly Vitamins into my routine. This is just my personal experience with them. My body loves them and I can seriously see the difference in my body showing me that it does. I have more energy through out the day, my Vitamin D levels have become more normal, my nails and hair are becoming more healthy looking, and my gut has been acting up less as of late. When my gut is happy, I’m happy! I’m seriously thrilled and thankful to have discovered Olly! I’m sure everyone will have a different experience with them, but this is my personal experience with them and I HEART Olly big time in case you couldn’t tell by the image below.


I do constantly have to remind myself that these are NOT candy and to only eat the amount the bottle recommends because they taste that good. No one wants to get sick or end up in the hospital from chewing on to many vitamins! No sir!

As with anything there are no guarantees on how it will work for you and your body and you should always consult your doctor before taking any new vitamins and supplements of course. I did and my doctor gave me the OK to take them.

I’m super thankful he gave me the OK as they have worked wonders for me and it’s now effortless to take my daily vitamins! It’s been a great easy effortless way to add vitamins to my daily routine!

Olly is also having a Sweet Bliss Sweepstakes because they are awesome! The grand prize for the sweepstakes is a Day Spa package for a lucky winner & a friend, a 6 months supply of Olly Vitamins, and a personal wellness consultation with Olly’s resident nutritionist! 100 runner ups will receive an Olly product of their choosing. Be sure to enter HERE so you can snag the chance to try Olly for yourself and a fabulous Day Spa Package!

Good luck everyone and if you try Olly for yourself I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This post was created in partnership with @OllyNutrition! All opinions and experiences with this product are strictly my own and your experience may differ.


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