Why We Love Living In California!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Association of REALTORS®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Living-room-5 Hey All!

As you may all know, We packed up our bags and moved to California 7 years ago. We left my hometown New York City for Los Angeles and as much as I love NYC, I have no plans to ever move back. Well if I hit the lotto maybe, but even then I’d probably be bi-coastal and not completely move back. Moving to California was frankly the best decision we’ve ever made for our family. Our lifestyle has improved drastically and we live a much happier life in California. Our neighborhood (which we’ve lived in since we moved out here) has everything we need with in walking distance, which is perfect since we don’t have to drive for everything. That was one thing we were looking for when we moved. We wanted to be able to walk to things and not have to drive to get everything. For example if I want to get some bread I can walk or even jog to the grocery store. It’s that close! Those are just some reasons why I love our neighborhood and living in California. Here are four major reasons why we love.


We have a huge apartment to live in here in California. For the size of apartment (2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, with huge kitchen & Washer & Dryer) we live in and the amount of space we have, there is no way we could afford an apartment like ours in NYC. It would probably cost us like $5,000 a month in NYC to have an apartment like this.


Our apartment is so big I now have my own Brite & Bubbly home studio. Our apartment in NYC was literally the size of our living room and we were paying double what we pay now.


We have quadruple the amount of space and we love our apartment home. You get much more space for the amount you pay for rent or a mortgage here in California. You can get a big house or apartment here in California for a reasonable price.



One obvious reason why we left NYC for California is the weather. We went from blizzards and below zero whether you see above to this that you see below!


The weather is amazing here in California. We have bright humid free sunny days 99% of the time. In NYC in the summer it’s ridiculously hot. The humidity makes it hotter and so does the pavement you walk on. It’s either hot and humid, or raining, or a blizzard is coming. Living in NYC the majority of my life I had just had enough of the crazy weather. Sunshine days make everything better and we can have more fun together as a family in the sun!



California is so family friendly. It’s the only place I know that you can drive to major theme parks like Disneyland. It was like a dream come true when we first moved here. In NYC we had to fly or drive out of NYC to get to a theme park. It’s crazy. There are so many family geared events, parks, and theme parks in California that the only issue we have now is trying to figure out what to do! 4. GREAT NEIGHBORHOODS! We live in a great neighborhood. We can walk to things, it’s safe, and people actually say hi and get to know you. That was a rare thing that would cost you a ton of money living back east. Nice neighborhoods are pricey in NYC and they still aren’t as nice or have the feel that they do here in California. Here in California you can see and live in those houses that you saw growing up on TV that were family oriented. It’s a reality when you live in California. I had no idea houses and cul-de-sac neighborhoods exhibited in real life until I visited California and decided we have to move here. I grew up in shoe box sized apartments, so it was a whole new world for me. Those are just some of the main reasons we love living in California.

We rent our dream apartment now, but in the future we hope to get one of those fabulous California REALTORS® to help us find our dream house that we’d love to pass down to our kids. That’s the dream!

As Champions of Home™, California REALTORS® are optimists, helpers, explorers of neighborhoods and friends of the community. It’s their job to help with the piles of paperwork, mind-numbing details, and intimidating issues associated with real estate. So, whether buying or selling a home, count on a REALTOR®. They help millions of Californians close on their dreams everyday.  If you know someone interested in becoming a REALTOR® check out this link.
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