A Woman Who Helped Me!!! Better World/Heart Of Haiti! #cleverhaiti

Hey All!

As Mother’s Day approaches I like to reflect on the women who have helped me in my life.  One in particular was my Grandmother. She helped raise me since I was a baby, because my mother had to go back to work shortly after I was born. My Grandmother was a great caregiver, so much so that she made a living as a nanny and literally raised half the kids in my old NYC neighborhood.  She would pick me up every day after school and she always taught me how to live as a good person. She was always there to help me when ever I needed help with anything.

She was a selfless, caring, and an extremely unselfish person. She helped me to grow up to be the same.  She helped me to learn about how giving to others can be an extremely rewarding experience. I love to help people and I hope to do that with my blog. My Grandmother was like a second Mother to me and she helped me become the person I am today.

You too can be that selfless of a person by shopping for your Mom or loved one for Mother’s Day this year with the help of Macy’s and support Heart of Haiti.


The devastating earthquake of January 2010 has made it virtually impossible for Haitians to make a living. Raw materials have been wiped out, there are a lack of secure and sanitary conditions and little funding to support economic relief. Purchasing one of these handcrafted masterpieces directly benefits Haitian artisans by allowing them to support their families with dignity and purpose. Artisans receive 22 percent of the retail price for each item in the collection. This initiative offers the first sustainable income since the earthquake, enabling artisans to repair homes, pay school fees and feed and clothe their families. With steady income comes better nutrition, improved education and access to healthcare.

Heart of Haiti also offers new opportunities for artists to collaborate with US designers, strengthening artisan associations and inspiring and energizing their communities. Men and women are working together, gaining confidence and hope for the future. Master artisans who planned to leave the country are now staying behind to train the next generation. The tradition of rich and unique Haitian art lives on… through the generosity of many like you.

Macy’s and Heart of Haiti would love to offer my reader this special discount code for you to use when purchasing a Mother’s Day gift from the HOH collection.

Your Discount: 15% off Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace products
Timeframe: 5/3-5/8

They have some amazing gifts that are beautiful and perfect for Mother’s Day! To view the Shop for a Better World / Heart Of Haiti collection in it’s entirety (including just added items for Spring), visit: http://bit.ly/gaalFP

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