Wow What A Short Week & Fab Finds!


Hey All!

Boy have the weeks been flying by. I haven’t even been able to do my happy mail or pin and patch game features on instagram. I figured I’d do make time to do one today since I got a bunch new fabulous pins and patches that I’ll be showcasing in a fun DIY next week. I’ll also be giving some pins and patches away! You don’t want to miss that post!  It was a short week because of the holiday and I felt like there just wasn’t enough time in the days to get everything I wanted done. I also got sun burned during a shoot outside which kind of makes it hard to shoot photos when you can barely move your arms. When you’re a one woman show like I am, who does it all myself, it’s hard to get everything done especially when sun burnt. It’s always a bummer not getting what I wanted to post posted, but I always know I’m doing my best. I’ll try to do better next week. We kicked off Ice Cream Month this week, I got to check out an advanced screening of Ghostbusters, and signed on a new foodie contributor. Lots of things going on here in Brite & Bubbly land. We’ll have lots of awesome ice cream and regular fun posts for you next week. Comic Con is coming up, so we’re going to do some fun little Comic Con posts as well. Ice Cream is the main theme of this month, so you will be getting a lot of ice cream coming at you all month long. Stay tuned…

But first hear our our fab finds and pin and patch links. Starting from the top of the picture above:

Shark Week Patch, Scathingly Brilliant Idea Patch, Pastel UFO Patch, Jurassic Park dinosaurs eat man woman inherits earth Patch, The Poo, Pretzel, Emoji, Rainbow, and donut are from Paulette Magazine and sadly they don’t sell them.

My amazing friends at Wildflower & Co. just launched an INCREDIBLE new gold enamel pin line that is just gorgeous and it has this amazing lips pin, Good Vibes pin, the cutest pink poodle pin ever, this roller skate pin is the bomb, and this cute pastel diamond pin. And she also has matching patches too! You better get some before they are gone!

My other designer besties ilootpaperie also have some super adorable pins like this good egg pin, fries pin, and Gouda pin. Essentially three of my favorite foods!

That amazing Comic Book pin and rainbow umbrella pin are from Mighty Pop.

The pizza and donut in one pin.

The gumball and party ghost pins are amazing and from Elorasaurus!

Clever girl pin is from Kate Gabrielle!

And last but not least, the light house pin is from the amazing LUCKY DIP CLUB subscription box!

And now on to links from around the net and here on our site.

Don’t forget to enter our Ice Cream Month Giveaway!

Make yourself an ice cream sun hat ASAP! You’ll need it for National Ice Cream Day!

This flamingo pool float cake is the best!

A DIY sprinkles backdrop, yes please!

I can’t handle the cuteness of this DIY Ice Cream Cart!

Cute DIY Cactus Drink Stirrers!

Cute DIY Paper Mache Watermelon Charms.

And that’s all folks, see you next week!

Have a great weekend!