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Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to visit Disney Animation Studios to spend the day with two amazing films, one of which we actually got to see! I saw the absolutely visually stunning Paperman and 30 minutes of the movie I can’t wait to see Wreck-it-Ralph!


Yes I wore my Wreck-it-Ralph shirt that was given to my by the fabulous Josie Trinidad who actually worked on the film and helped get the great style of the film. We also had amazing round tables and Q&A’s with the Filmmakers of Wreck-it-Ralph Director Rich Moore & Producer Clark Spencer.

They stated that the Line “I’m going to Wreck it!” has always been in the script, which is fantastic since it just makes it all the better that John C. Reilly (“Chicago,” “Step Brothers”) as the voice of Ralph has made that line really come to life. In the picture below you can see the progression in style of how Ralph came to look how he will look in the film. They had these photos hanging in the hallways. At nine feet tall and 643 pounds, Ralph is certainly a force to be… well, wreck-oned with. He’s a massive guy charged with wrecking the apartment building in a place called Niceland. Much to Ralph’s dismay, a spry sport named Fix-It Felix Jr. is called on to fix the building and save the day with his magic hammer, earning cheers, accolades and a fancy gold medal from the Nicelanders.

“Ralph is the bad guy in an old 1980s arcade game who’s wondering—after 30 years of playing his assigned role—‘Is this it?’” says Moore. “So, like a lot of us, he tries to solve an internal problem with an external solution: he’s going to try to win a medal—if he could win just one, he thinks he’ll earn the kind of love and respect Felix gets.”

“So Ralph embarks on this journey across the arcade to try to earn that medal,” says  producer Clark Spencer. “Of course, the real journey is for him—and everyone else—to realize that while he’s programmed to be one thing, it doesn’t mean that’s what he is on the inside.”

And below is the progression of what the character Vanellope von Schweetz of the game Sugar rush in the film went through before they settled on the look of what she will finally look like in the film.

“Sugar Rush is a 1990s cart-racing game set in a world that’s made entirely out of candy,” says Moore. “So this world is more whimsical. It’s got a classic Disney feel mixed with an anime influence.”

“But while it has a sweet veneer,” adds Spencer, “there’s a dark side to Sugar Rush.”

There’s also a scrappy little girl named Vanellope von Schweetz who’s the first to spot Ralph. “Vanellope lives on the fringes of Sugar Rush,” says Moore. “She’s a glitch—a programming error—so she’s ostracized from the activities of Sugar Rush and has to take care of herself. Ralph and Vanellope don’t really like each other at first—she gives him a hard time—but they start to realize that they’re a lot alike. They’re both misfits.”

We also got to learn about the Artistry and Influence of Visual Development with Mike Gabriel (Art Director), Ian Gooding (Art Director), Lorelay Bove (Visual Development Artist), & Cory Loftis (Visual Development Artist).

And how they go through the process of animating and acting out the lines in the movie so that they can have reference material as they are animating. We sat down with Renato dos Anjos (Animation Supervisor), Zach Parrish (Supervising Animator), Kira Lehtomaki (Animator), & Amy Smeed (Animator) to learn about that. We also learned how there are over 150 characters in this film! Some of which are from those classic arcade games we used to play as kids! I can’t wait to see who’s in the film!

We also sat with the Magic of Effects/Lighting team members Adolph Lusinsky (Director of Look and Lighting), Brian Leach (Associate Director Look and Lighting), Cesar Velazquez (Effects Supervisor) & Dave Hutchins (Effects Supervisor). They spoke about the lighting and visual effects of the film.

When director Rich Moore joined Walt Disney Animation Studios and began developing “Wreck-It Ralph,” he had a big problem. “Arcade-game characters have no free will,” he says. “They’re programmed to do one thing day in and day out—they don’t have a choice in the matter. I thought, ‘That’s boring.’”

Or is it?

“I realized it’s actually a great conflict,” says the director. “Within this world, there are strict rules: you do one job and one job only. What if there was a character who didn’t like his job?”

There are so many amazing scenes in the film as we saw 30 minutes of the film. One of my favorite scenes has to be the Bad-A-Non scene! There is so much I’m looking forward to in this film I can go on and on for days about it.

And to top it off when you got to see Wreck-it-Ralph you will see the amazing short animated film Paperman!

Papermanis a beautiful tale about the possibility of having the chance meeting of finding your true love and how far would you go to not let that person get away. This little gem is one of the most beautifully stunning films I personally have ever seen.

It’s actually 3d animated and 2d animated in one film to create a visually stunning and unique style of animation.

It’s a must see and I’m so excited it’s playing before Wreck-it-Ralph!

This was such a fun and informative day and it’s always a dream come true to spend the day at Disney Animation Studios!

Thank you Disney and Run out to see WRECK-IT RALPH as it smashes into theaters on November 2, 2012! I can’t wait can you!

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