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Through out my time as a blogger I know I’ve shared my times my journey to try and live a “GREEN” lifestyle with my family. I know I personally try to go green with as many products as I can. But I’m not insane and I know most often times all natural and organic products are more expensive. It’s pretty costly to go green. I don’t judge people who use both a mix of all natural products and regular products. I’m sorry there is nothing like good old fashion Clorox to truly disinfect something. I know I’ve spoken about considering myself and my household a “green household” and have gotten the response back, “You’re not a Green Household if every product you use and eat isn’t natural or organic.” To that I say, believe what you want. If I use 90% green products in my home, that’s still a heck of a lot more than the average household! I shouldn’t have to be pressured into being green. I should be commended that I’m trying to be green at all. I’m trying to do what’s best for my family, this planet, and out budget!

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Green Works is a company that I love and use almost all of their products. I appreciate that they are committed to making a green lifestyle available for everyone. Green Works noticed what I noticed, that something has gone wrong with the term green. It’s become a status symbol, and everybody has an opinion about how you’re not doing enough to be green. Somewhere along the line, green’s decided that if you care a little, it means you don’t care enough. You’re either all-in, or you’re not green at all!

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To combat this notion of “you’re not green enough”- Green Works has created a new creative campaign called You Don’t Have to be Ridiculous to be Green. The campaign consists of a fun new video series featuring the #GreenHousewives! Have you seen these videos?

I love them! The videos are funny, inventive,  and a great way to showcase that we all should just be supportive of each persons unique journey to go green. We should celebrate that people are attempting to try to be green and doing something to help. People can sit back and not do anything to change. Baby steps are steps in the right direction in my opinion.

If you’d like more info on how to go “green” in a way that fits your lifestyle visit the Green Works Website and watch their amazing new #GreenHousewives videos.

Or you can get instant updates and tips by following the hashtags #YouDontHaveToBe and #GreenHousewives and Green Works on Twitter!

You can also get started on your path to be Green right here!


Win a Prize Pack that consists of the following 3 Green Works Products:

  • 1 All Purpose Cleaner
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  • 1 Laundry Detergent.

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