You Know You’re An Orgullosa Nueva Latina When…


Hey All!

As you all know I’m a Latina. I’m proud to be one and I’m not ashamed to say there are some things that we can all relate to as a Latina. There are certain things you grow up with that other people don’t. It’s those things you laugh at when you see a meme that says you know you’re Puerto Rican when…

Well today I wanted to take a minute to put together one for knowing you’re a Nueva Latina.

You know you’re an Orgullosa Nueva Latina when….

1. You were raised by some amazing Latina Women.

2. You hold your family traditions by getting down in the kitchen.

3. You have weird family health remedies that you only know if you’re Latina, like “Pon Le Vix!”

4. You call your flip flops chanclettas.

5. You are proud of who you are and where you came from.

6. You’re proud to be Latina and American.

7. You’re Orgullosa to have la falda buen puesta.

8. You have a unique sense of style and beauty.

9. When people ask you where you’re from you always say your nationality. (Puerto Rican and Cuban! Woot Woot!)

10. You love free stuff!


Those are my top ten “You Know You’re An Orgullosa Nueva Latina” reasons, but I could go on and on as there are so many unique aspects to being a Nueva Latina which bond us as Latinas.

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Good luck everyone and don’t be afraid to showcase your Nueva Latina Pride!!!


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